Monday, November 30, 2009

Media Malpractice

Kyle and I just watched this documentary last night and we were glued! We knew a little of what the media had done to get Obama elected, but the footage in this film was just dumbfounding, absolutely stunning.
I strongly recommend you watch this film, if only so you won't be one of the ignorant minority who were so duped by the liberal media.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lazy Rules

I recently read a blog post about the top 10 ways not to yell at your kids. (I'm exaggerating a little; I don't know that there was actually 10, but there were plenty.) The notion struck me as a little ridiculous.

Since the dawn of time, men have tried to come up with rules to live holy lives. God gave the first rules, the Old Testament law, whose sole purpose was to make people realize that they couldn't live holy lives on their own. The law points us to our need for a Savior.

Many well-meaning Christians have tried to come up with guidelines for movies that are acceptable, such as only allowing their children to watch G-rated movies. First of all, why trust Hollywood to tell you what is acceptable? But more importantly, have you ever noticed that some G-rated movies are worse than some PG ones?

Bottom line: God calls us to practice discernment. (Hebrews 5:14) Legalism is just laziness. It means we aren't using wisdom or dependence on God's guidance to make good decisions; we are only relying on a set of rules.
Rely on God whose grace is always sufficient.

ETA: I just rechecked the blog post I was referencing and there really were 10. Dave Letterman would have been proud. {snicker}

Monday, November 23, 2009

Can You Stand Another?

This is an oldie. From the months before and just after the adoption of our triplets. I'm really enjoying looking at these old photos. Maya, Isaac, and Daniel were all so little! Speaking of little, we had our annual growth contest recently and Daniel came in 1st place AGAIN with a whopping 3.5" of growth. That boy's going to be a giant!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Thinking Outside the Box

Lately it seems I've heard this comment about myself quite a lot. Someone was recently asking what our school year schedule is like. As I tried to explain it, her face looked more and more confused. We school year round. I don't plan breaks, we base our breaks on the weather. When it's nice, we slow down and sometimes even stop. When it's cold, hot, or rainy we get a lot done.

Other than a list of what all books I want us to read in a given school year, I don't have a detailed plan. Sometimes we're halfway through a math book when it's time to start a whole new time period in history. It doesn't all end neatly at the same time. And I don't care!

I have no idea what lesson we'll be doing in math next Thursday. I just know we'll be doing the lesson that comes after what we did the previous day. Same with history and literature. Tomorrow we'll read the next chapter. And so on until we finish all the books.

Now, tell me honestly: are you confused or are you relaxed as I'm explaining our laid-back schedule?

P.S. I'm not a laid-back person. Perhaps that's what is so flabbergasting about the way we school.

You Need to See This!

We recently Netflixed this movie and I strongly recommend it. It isn't the type of documentary that leaves you thinking you'll never eat anything again. It gives hope. It provides solutions (and no I don't mean crazy expensive solutions). It was extremely eye-opening.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

It's Pedro!!

Doesn't he look great?! We only get to see him about once a month since he's at the university full time. We love those visits. Especially Kyle as the two of them have man-to-man talks every time he visits. Kyle just loves relating to him that way.