Thursday, January 31, 2008

Please Pray

These precious kids lost their Daddy to a heart attack on Tuesday. I got to know the Davis family through Acres of Hope. Their youngest two blessings were adopted from Liberia last year.
Please pray for this sweet family as they endure this terrible loss.
Heather has been given a prayer pager that alerts her every time someone is praying for her and the children, and it has really blessed her. If you would like to let her know that you are praying on her behalf, you may call the pager at the following number:


Two trusts have been established for the Davis Family. You may donate to an educational charitable trust in their name by sending checks made out to Central Valley Presbyterian Church to:

The Davis Family Trust
c/o Central Valley Presbyterian Church
P.O. Box 628
Ceres, CA 95307-0628

If you would like to contribute to a non-charitable fund for the expenses of the family, you may write checks made out to Heather Davis and donated to a fund in her name at any US Bank in the country. The account is set up at the US Bank in Turlock, CA.

**UPDATE: A matching grant of $5000 has been offered for the educational charitable trust fund. For every donation that is made, a generous donor will double the amount up to $5000.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Old Friends

These are our very good friends of 16 years, Paul and Amber, with daughter, Hannah. I was friends with Paul and Amber way back when I was in high school and they were only courting. They were witnesses when I ran a jet-ski into a boat, putting a hole in the boat and in my knee. I was a mere 18 at the time. They've still not let me live that one down!

Paul is my Kyle's best buddy. He has helped us on every single remodel we've done on all our homes. We've never known anyone as generous as he. He gives of himself and his time very freely. (That rhymes! Get it? Get it?)
All that said, Paul has a real knack for saying things that are inappropriate. He has a very dry sense of humor and really enjoys the looks he gets when he makes such comments. As long as it makes him laugh, it was well worth it. He's made me blush more than once.
When we celebrated Elena's first birthday with a Dr. Seuss theme, Paul wrote and recited this poem for her:

They think that when you're older
These lyrics you'll enjoy
By then your only interest
Will be some silly boy

I'm not sure what my quota is
How much I have to write
If this is inadequate
Then tell me, Mom just might

This rhyme is for your birthday
So you I will address
I rank children by silence
Therefore you are the best

So, for my own birthday, I put in my request early. Unfortunately, Paul recently became a fancy schmancy attorney and can't seem to make my deadlines. I got this masterpiece by email tonight. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

[Note: Play this quick audio clip first so you understand the lyrics of his intelligent poem]

There was an aging girl we'll call Ms. Ginagin
Like to play with her husbinagin
Opened my mouth and it's the endagin
I ticked off Ms. Ginagin
Begin again

I tried to be nice to old Ms. Ginagin
All played a game right after dinagin
I won and then I rubbeditinagin
I ticked off Ms. Ginagin
Begin again

Went to see K Clark and Ms. Ginagin
Made them giggle like they're tenagin
Made a crude joke around their kinagin
I ticked off Ms. Ginagin
Begin again

Keep going back cause we like Ms. Ginagin
Always laugh when we're with themagin
Be friends til I don't know whenagin
Hope it never is the end
Ms. Ginagin

Thanks, Paul. I really appreciate it! And yes, I've had a very happy birthday indeed!

Vote for Your Favorite Poem!

Thank you all for your entries in the poetry contest. I loved almost all of them! For the one daring poet who blackmailed me here, I hope you enjoy what turmoil you have caused me. Please note: As you requested, I have not edited your revealing poem. I expect you to hold to your end of the bargain. Revenge will be mine. I know when your birthday is!

Enter your vote at the bottom of this post.

Shuck and Jive

Ginger she can really shuck and jive
And she's now on her way to thirty five.

With six little ones at home all day

Outside is the place she would like them to play.

The dishes have been moved to the lower shelves
So that Daniel and Lydia can help themselves.

The older girls help out a lot

When it comes to cooking, they're Johnny on the spot.

Isaac too helps around the house
But when he wants to hide, he's quiet as a mouse.

At the Clark house, stomachs are never empty

Cause Ginger and Kyle have crock-pots-a-plenty.

When this couple needs some time alone
Pedro has told them, "Just pick up the phone."

Yes, Ginger has a heart that's completely full

Of love for kids, and that's no bull.

To work I must go, so let me just say
I wish you love and a Happy Birthday.


A Birthday Twirl

I'm an old cowgirl
from north of the Rio Grande

Sent to sing a birthday twirl

for my beloved neice, not a farmhand!

Ginger's her name

Kids are her game

Geesh I can't keep up!

Just because you're 34. . .
Don't despair, oh no

You gotta keep saddlin' up

Ride that trusty steed

up in the clouds and across the sky
Keeping your dreams always alive!


Mom to Seven

She's a homeschooling mom to seven
Not one of our kids is named Kevin
Gives herbs to our crew

Gave birth at home too

When we're together it's like heaven.


Better Than a Blister

Ginger is my sister
She's got herself a mister

Don't ever fight

Cuz she's always right

But she's better than a blister

Today she's thirty-four

And me she will abhore

For telling you

But it is true

She'll think we've gone to war

Another rumor I will spread

That the hair upon her head

It's all a joke

She's gonna croak

Did you think it was really red?

Her children, there are seven
Most of the time it's heaven

Ebony and ivory are they

And every night they pray

That one day they'll number eleven

One thing I must say
And on this I won't sway

A truer friend there is not

And I love her a lot

For her loved ones she'll never betray.

My story must come to an end

On this I cannot bend

My sister is great

Kyle's lucky to be her mate

And I'm proud to call her my friend!


Spice of Life

Ginger, oh Ginger, the spice of life!
You have lots of kiddos

You are a great wife.

Ginger, oh Ginger, rooted in God

You love your crock-pot

You use the oil of cod

Ginger, oh Ginger, full of fragrance

You teach school to seven,

You study the art of France.

Ginger, oh Ginger, helper of tummies
You love the Lord

and your hubby of hubbies!

Ginger, oh Ginger, a bold, but humble spice
Happy Happy Birthday
Hope you have a great life!


Long Ago in '74

Long ago in '74
A babe named Ginger burst through Heaven's door

Her mom and dad thought she was exquisite

And praised God for her earthly visit!

At four she was really quite shy

Her beauty her fears did belie

But with blue eyes flashing and eyelashes crashing

Her impact was really quite smashing!

At eight our Ginger was blooming

Tho' homework she often ignored

She captivated friends in the rooming
And her classmates she never bored!

At 16 she turned to acting and drama

And starred in school plays unlike her momma

She recited her lines and acted her parts

While everyone admired her talented smarts!

One day God planted Kyle Clark

As through the church classes they crooned

In short time his charm won over her heart
And Ginger was smitten and swooned.

They shared strong desires to have kiddos

And their family grew fast and strong

Now they wriggle and giggle and romp through the meadows

And we find the nine Clarks where they belong.

My Ginger, my Ginger, how blessed we have been
To watch your wisdom and stature abound

God's beauty shines through you as His love is within

And you're anointed with His mighty crown!


Roses are Red

Roses are red
Carnations are pink

If you want Mom's attention

Just send her a link.


Ginger Bread

Ginger's bread is easy to see
It is evident in her family.

Her ingredients are simple and pure,

To make a bread that will endure.

Love to make a heart true,
Goes into each task she must do.
Patience she shows each day,

To guide her children in God's way.

Joy abounds in her face,

Reminding us all of our place.

Peace she gives to one and all

Of her children both big and small.

Her arms remain open at all times,

Be it for a hug or attitude's demise.

Ginger's bread cooks in her home, it's true

Her life a shining example to me and you.


Angels Among Us

Angels are needed so badly in the world
To wipe a tear, hold a hand, or calm a fear

We need people to be willing to go against the grain

To assist and love others with no concern of personal gain

Ginger, you have humbly stepped up to the plate

You have said yes to God and welcomed His fate

The challenge has been large but you have done it with a smile

Keeping your chin up and giving glory to God all the while

You have loved your husband and your babies, both from your womb and from your heart

On your knees with the Lord and His word is where each day you start.

I am amazed when I think of the wonderful testimony you offer
Be being a strong sister in Christ, a wife, and a wonderful mother

If ever I need confirmation of the Lord's love and abundance
I can look to Ginger Clark, an angel God sent to live among us!
Happy Birthday, Ginger! May you know how special you are. . . not just to people that you love,
but the mamas that you've touched in internet world with your Titus 2 wisdom and example.


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Kitchen Meme

How much can you learn about someone from their kitchen? My theory is: quite a bit. Take up the challenge of this meme and tell us about yourself through your kitchen.

Our cabinets are painted black and distressed.
-I like to decorate with touches of black and we're home improvement enthusiasts.
Kyle installed the tile counter tops, which I just love and he hates.
-Kyle's a hard worker and he really loves me!

I have a star collection circling the kitchen and an Americana theme.
-I love collections and I love antique shops. Better yet is to collect objects found while antique shopping.
This used to be the theme of Elena's nursery, then it was the theme of the girls' room. I finally decided that since we have 4 girls, we really should have some pink somewhere.
-I like themes and I don't give up easily.

Our kitchen table is also black and distressed.
-I like home improvement projects almost as much as Kyle. (I painted the table.)
-We eat all our meals in the dining room.

Here are the real stars of my kitchen: my precious crock-pots. One I bought for myself, one I found at a thrift shop, and one Kyle gave me this past Christmas.
-I love finding ways to simplify my life.
-I love a good bargain.
-Kyle knows me very well and he really loves me.
(Yes, I really do use all of them.)

My favorite cookbook - a compilation of all my favorite crock-pot recipes.
-I really do love crock-pot cooking, but you get that already.
-I also love scrapbooking, thus the reason I made a cookbook out of a scrapbook.

I took all these pictures right after Pedro finished his Monday chore of cleaning the kitchen.
-I'm a bit of a perfectionist.

What could we learn about you from your kitchen?
Tag, you're it!

The Deadline is Fast Approaching!

I've gotten some great poems in! Thank you all so much! I'll be posting them on Wednesday afternoon (my birthday), so you all can vote for the best one. If you haven't submitted your poem yet, it's not too late! I would hate for anyone to miss out on the great prize that awaits them. (It really is a great prize, trust me on this!)

I had so much fun with that limerick contest that I've decided to have a poetry contest myself.
Next week is my birthday. With the way the kids are all talking it up, I'm really looking forward to it. All their cute little secrets make me eager for January 30th. How old will I be next week, you ask? Well, I'll be a year older than I am now, thanks so much for asking.
For Elena's first birthday, we had a Dr. Seuss themed party and everyone wrote a poem to commemorate her first year. It was quite a hoot! So, in honor of my birthday, I'd like a poem.

  • Before noon of next Wednesday, Jan. 30th (that'd be my birthday) you may enter one poem into the contest.
  • Your poem may be any style (couplet, free verse, iambic pentameter) so long as it is your own.
  • Submit your poem here. Do not put it in the comments.
  • On January 30th (my birthday), I'll post all the poems for your judgment.
  • The poet with the most votes will win a Starbucks product.

Monday, January 28, 2008

She's So Funny!

A few months after Maya, Isaac, and Daniel joined our family, they spotted a picture we have of Stacey and Mariah. Elena and Chloe were explaining who they were, but were interrupted by Maya and Isaac's excitement: "She's Liberian!!" I had to explain that not all blacks are from Liberia. It was quite funny at the time, but tonight I realized they're still not so sure.
We went out to eat with my sister's family and all the kids were sitting together at one table, while the four adults and baby Lillian sat at a table across from theirs. I overheard Maya saying: "Look! They're Liberian!" (She was referring to a large black family that had just entered the restaurant.) I thought it was funny to find that six months later, she's still convinced that all blacks are Liberian (which basically means "African" in her mind - she knows no other Africa, but Liberia.)
So, a few minutes later, I'm escorting her to the bathroom and I'm noticing that everyone is looking at us. (I'm walking in front of Maya.) I figure it's because I'm a white mom with a black kid. No, as I turn around, I find that it's because she is galloping through the restaurant right behind me. When I get back to our table, I'm eager to relay my embarrassment to Kyle, Mike, and Jamie. Kyle starts laughing and corrects me: "No, they were giving you strange looks because Maya was waving and smiling at all of them, like she knew them."
She thought they were Liberian.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Clark of the Week - Lydia

This begins a weekly series of Clark family biographies, designed to allow you to familiarize yourself with the celebrities of our household. For this week's installment, we'll be getting to know Miss Lydia Ruth, the youngest of the Clarks.

Lydia, like her older biological siblings, was born at home. Her mother delivered her into her arms after a relatively short labor. Three years earlier, Lydia's parents came close to making a permanent decision to end their fertility. Ginger danced when she found out she was pregnant with her third-born child. Kyle was equally thrilled when Ginger surprised him with the news. She and Kyle enjoy every minute with the sweet child who might never have been. They love her with joy and gratitude, so thankful for the opportunity to be blessed again with a precious child.
Lydia was active in the womb and has been just as active since her rapid escape. Her emotions run hot and cold; life with Lydia Ruth is never boring. Lydia Clark is very secure in her position as the baby, the charmer, the manipulator of the family. She has hundreds of funny facial expressions, which she uses to her advantage to captivate a crowd. She gives hugs and smiles freely. Lydia is a joy to those who know her.

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

We Have A Winner!

For all those of you who guessed Kyle -- you're right! That adorable baby is my handsome husband! Unfortunately, we can only have one winner. Congrats to MommaOfMany who was the first to guess correctly. She won a new hardback copy of The Velveteen Rabbit. I hope your "many" enjoy it! It's one of our family faves.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Date Night

Tonight was our church's annual Vision Banquet. It was catered by Blue Mesa Grill, so that alone was reason for us to dress up and head out! It was fantastic! We had lots of fun going out with our friends, and since I'm not in my typical jeans and sweater, I made Pedro snap our picture before we left. When Kyle got home from work, he was already stressed about getting there on time (Kyle is never late, he is rarely on time, he is almost always early everywhere he goes). I was asking him what I should wear and he said I should make a statement and wear my overalls. I may be a non-conformist, but I'm still too vain to do that!
So, you're wondering: "You have seven kids and you still have date nights???" As a matter of fact, we do, and not on rare occasions. Kyle and I go on a date at least twice a month. About three or four months after Maya, Isaac, and Daniel arrived home from Liberia, we were still having issues with Pedro's adjustment. He was very insecure about losing his status as the only Clark son. We wanted him to develop a stronger relationship with his siblings and we also wanted him to grow up in terms of responsibility. Self-centeredness (aka depression) leads to laziness in certain personalities. I won't name names.
Bottom line: in lieu of rent, we asked Pedro to babysit four hours each week. It has produced great dividends. Despite his come and go schedule, (between working 35 hours/week at Starbucks and taking 12 hours of college classes, we don't see him a whole lot) he has developed great relationships with all his siblings and he's learned the joy of being a blessing to others. And, oh by the way, we're benefiting from the arrangement as well.
Tomorrow night, Pedro is inviting a couple of his good friends over for a Poker night. So, Kyle and I are going out again! After we put the kids down for bed, we're taking off for a double date with some good friends. Two date nights in a row! Woo-Hoo!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Precious Maya Beauty

Tonight Maya had one of her grieving moments. We heard whimpering in the girls' bedroom and Kyle found her curled up in bed crying. He went in to talk to her and she just came undone, bawling on his shoulder, "I miss my mommy." I held her and talked to her about it, and then we prayed together for her birth mom. This time it really hit me hard. I couldn't stop myself from thinking: I'm not doing enough. I'm not loving her enough.
The kids' birth mom, Nan, made a loving sacrifice for her children. She wanted them to have a good life. She wanted them to live. From all the sweet stories Maya has shared with us, Nan loved her children very much. Nan named her firstborn Beauty. I know that name came from the deep love she had in her heart for this precious girl. I cannot comprehend the pain she must endure as she thinks of the children she loves so dearly, who she will likely never see again. We prayed peace over Nan.
Still, I cannot stop myself from feeling that I'm not doing it right. What if Maya doesn't feel loved by us? What if I'm not loving her well? I want to protect her from the grief and mourning she must experience. I want to shield her from the pain she's going through.
I prayed over her again as I tucked her back into bed. I kissed her as I held her face in my hands and said, "Goodnight, Beauty. I love you."

My Sous Chefs

What happens when lunchtime collides with dressing-up? Fairies and princesses serve you lunch!
A couple days ago I was feeling really crummy. Too many nights of not getting sufficient sleep end up with me crashing and making up for all the lost sleep in one day. YIKES! Kyle came home from work so I could do just that. He went in to turn in his billing, then came back home around 10am. I went to bed promptly at 10:30am and slept til almost 4:00pm! The next day, I was still a little fluffy-headed, so Elena and Maya decided to be Mommies for the day. Normally they help me make lunch and dinner, but on this day, they did it all themselves. That morning, they had asked what was for lunch (it is not at all unusual for the kids to ask: "What's for dinner?" shortly after and sometimes before breakfast). I had told them we were having spaghetti.
Around 11:ish, Elena and Maya disappeared into the kitchen with all the ingredients needed to make lunch. A few times, Maya popped into the den to ask: "How much water do I put in the pot?," "Do I use the whole box of noodles?," etc. but other than that they were Jr. Mommies.

Here's their final product. They even knew what spices to add for more flavor. It was quite good!
They even made Daniel's special spaghetti. (Daniel's currently on a gluten-free diet, so he gets rice noodles.)
The meal was made much more delicious since I didn't have to lift a finger to make it! Yum-o! Thanks so much girls for a great lunch!

THE Best Cooking Site Ever!!!

And no, it's not my own, as much as I hope you get culinary encouragement from my sister site. This is The Pioneer Woman Cooks, the absolute best cooking site I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. The Pioneer Woman gives tons of pictures to help you every step of the way. She cooks like a pioneer woman (go figure) -- real man-pleasing recipes. And she has a killer sense of humor.
You should know that her recipes are Paula Dean-style, so if you're looking for some low-fat foods, this is not the place to find them. But you will not be disappointed, I guarantee!

Here's my fave of hers, in case you're ever in my neighborhood and wanna let me know how much you love me through food. (Did I mention my birthday is next week?) Check it out!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Everything's A Bit Different in Africa

I received these pictures from a dear friend, who lives in and loves Africa.


Capitol Hill Offices


What were these guys smoking?? Poor goat!

It takes teamwork and a little human ingenuity to paint a swimming pool.

Notice where this electrical pole is located:

This picture was taken near Makerere University, Uganda:

Must be Zimbabwe:

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I'm a Poet and Didn't Know It

I've just entered a limerick contest for the Oh My Dad! blog. It has to be a G-rated limerick about your husband, so here's mine about my beloved:

I’m blessed with a man named Kyle

Who leaves dirty socks in a pile

But he’s really good-looking

And he ain’t bad at cooking

So I’ll clean up his mess and smile

Think you can do better? Write a limerick about your man and submit it here.

Monday, January 21, 2008

iPod Therapy

My name is Ginger Clark and I have ADD. I've recently discovered that my iPod is musical Ritalin. Let me give you an example. Two weeks ago, I took the 6 littles to the Social Security Administration office. Why in the world would I do that you ask? Because in my mind, things should be simpler and take less time than they really do. We were there for three hours. I was applying for Maya, Isaac, and Daniel's social security cards - the last step in making them American citizens (Woo-Hoo!!!)
An hour and a half into this eternal wait, Kyle aka SuperDad, showed up with pencils and paper. That kept the kids occupied for almost an hour! He also took Elena and Chloe with him so they wouldn't have to be bored the whole time too. I figured the triplets should be with me. I was wrong, but better safe than sorry I guess. {{eye roll}}
So, after quietly entertaining four bored kiddos, then driving 20 minutes to Kyle's office to pick up Elena and Chloe, and driving 20 minutes back home again, I walked in the door a bit frazzled. I put my purse down and addressed the troops: "That was a very stressful morning for me and I strongly encourage you all to be quiet and helpful. This would not be a good time to argue. If you are unable to do those things, you will likely see me flip out. Way out!"
I was also hungry, did I mention it's about an hour past lunchtime by now? Hungry Ginger is not a Ginger you ever want to meet, trust me on this. So you can imagine the kind of impression Hungry, Stressed-Out Ginger leaves.
I started making lunches and mentally reminding myself that it would soon be naptime. I was thinking: I need to tune out for awhile. But I figured I should finish what I'm doing first. [Side note: this is a big flaw of mine: not ever wanting to stop what I've started. I'm forever saying, "Sure honey, as soon as I finish this."] But I didn't! This time, I ran upstairs and got my trusty iPod. I looked at my electronic wonder and smiled at it affectionately. Ten minutes after plugging that baby in my ears, all stress was gone and I was good to go again.

I love my iPod and I love reading, probably for the same reason. Both make my brain stop spinning for awhile and focus on just one thing. That is very relaxing for a person with ADD. It's a good thing.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Memories. . .

Would you indulge me in a walk down memory lane? I was organizing my older photos on Snapfish and several of the pics made me pause. With a lump in my throat, I share some of my more precious memories:

Guess who???

Thursday, January 17, 2008

We Are Deceived

According to society, children are a burden. Anyone who has more than 2 or God-forbid three children is a martyr. Who would want that many children? And what is up with those crazy people who have kids by the dozen?? Unfortunately, most Christians feel the same way although they would never say it in those words.
Biblically, we know that children are a blessing and a reward from God. But we've been deceived for so long, we don't really believe it. If we did believe the Word of God in this area, why would we cut off God's blessings? We want His blessings on our finances. We want His blessings on our health. But, truth be told, we don't want too many of his blessings when it comes to children. Because we don't really believe they are blessings. No one thinks: "I want God to bless our finances up to $200,000 but no more, because that's just too much." We say exactly that when it comes to His greatest blessings - His children.
At a family gathering a few months after Maya, Isaac, and Daniel came home, Kyle put his arm around me, patted my tummy with his other hand and in a sing-songy voice said, "We have an announcement to make. . ." He just wanted the laughs, but one person remarked, upon realizing it was a joke: "Oh my goodness, Ginger would slit her wrists if they had any more!!"
It would have been hard back then to consider adding more children, but God's grace is always sufficient and we would welcome God's blessing of children with open arms, not slit wrists.
It is hard to parent seven children when I try to do it in my own power. I don't have patience. I'm not sympathetic. I'm not kind or gentle. I'm a selfish sinner. I depend on the Lord for those fruits of the Spirit. When I call on Him and rely on His grace, He gives me everything I need to care for my blessings.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Just the Girls

I remember back when we were planning for Baby #4 (we had triplets instead), I got really emotional watching Little Women. After three girls, we were ready for a boy, but I watched Little Women and thought: I want that! I want four girls! Look how sweet they are together!
I got both wishes. (Psalm 37:4) I have my four girls, and I'm also blessed with three great sons. Because of their stair-stepped ages, the littles are all really close. The sibling relationships are so sweet to observe. I just love watching them interact.
Aunt Debi got these girlie sweaters for them and they just love dressing alike. This morning I heard Maya and Chloe announcing: "It's pink day! Everyone put on your heart sweaters!" They were all four smiling as they got dressed and looked around at each other, all dressed in pink and hearts.

Chloe Numb Face

Well, we were at the Dental Depot again this morning. One of Chloe's molars didn't develop enough enamel and formed a cavity shortly after it came in, so she had to have a filling today. She did very well for a kid who can hardly stand the water spray and the suction thingy! She quietly had tears escaping from her eyes (the stretching was making her lips burn), but she never complained. Dr. N said she can't eat anything until the feeling comes back, so on our way home at lunchtime I picked her up a calorie-packed smoothie. She was so happy with her special treatment.
Her cheek is still numb and I was, I'm ashamed to admit, making fun of her to Pedro. I told her to smile for Pedro as he was walking out the door to go to class. He laughed and said, "You can't feel that at all can you?" She proudly says no, then turns to me. Of course, he had to test it. He thumps her on the cheek. She doesn't flinch. He and I busted out laughing, entertained at her expense. Aren't we awful?? Luckily, Chloe understands the Clark sense of humor and she joined in laughing too. You should have heard her hee-hawing when she saw her wonky smile in the mirror!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Update on Potty Training

I'm very proud to announce that Daniel has been potty trained for 2 weeks now! Not that he never has accidents, but they are very rare. I've learned something this go round of toilet training. Pull-ups are a wonder for a kid who knows what he's doing. I've never used pull-ups before because I didn't see the logic in paying more for what is basically a diaper that you can pull up and down. I was so wrong. Daniel wears one pull-up a day, just like he would underwear. But pull-ups are better (for now) - they're underwear with insurance.

Days at the Dental Depot

Maybe you thought that was just a clever title, but it's actually the name of our dentist's office, where we've spent a significant amount of time since the adoption. Our dentist is apparently a big fan of trains, for it's the theme of the whole office. He has a real train car out front, complete with choo-choo sounds, but this is not a pediatric dentist. We've tried our hand at those types, and no thanks! (Beware a dentist who wants to fill a bunch of baby teeth!) Ten cavities between Maya, Isaac, and Daniel magically became a mere 4 cavities by switching dentists. We're very happy with Dr. N.
Today was Maya and Isaac's turn for cleanings. Chloe and Elena had their teeth cleaned last week and Daniel goes in later this week. After that, we'll be set for another 6 months. Whew!
Today, I only had the four kids. I dropped off Elena and Chloe at Kyle's office, so they could get some homework done without distraction. They did their phonics and math at Daddy's office.
Maya did her math this morning while I was getting dressed, so she only took her Pathway reader with her so she could get some reading in while waiting. I'm so impressed with how far she's come from the illiterate beauty she was just 6 months ago.
This and one other train circle through the whole office, even through the bathrooms!
Keeping these two peaceful and more importantly quiet isn't as easy as I attempt to make it appear.
I Spy books are a real lifesaver at the dentist office. If your dentist doesn't have one, bring one with you, trust me! I gotta remember this when I go get the oil changed!