Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Vote for Your Favorite Poem!

Thank you all for your entries in the poetry contest. I loved almost all of them! For the one daring poet who blackmailed me here, I hope you enjoy what turmoil you have caused me. Please note: As you requested, I have not edited your revealing poem. I expect you to hold to your end of the bargain. Revenge will be mine. I know when your birthday is!

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Shuck and Jive

Ginger she can really shuck and jive
And she's now on her way to thirty five.

With six little ones at home all day

Outside is the place she would like them to play.

The dishes have been moved to the lower shelves
So that Daniel and Lydia can help themselves.

The older girls help out a lot

When it comes to cooking, they're Johnny on the spot.

Isaac too helps around the house
But when he wants to hide, he's quiet as a mouse.

At the Clark house, stomachs are never empty

Cause Ginger and Kyle have crock-pots-a-plenty.

When this couple needs some time alone
Pedro has told them, "Just pick up the phone."

Yes, Ginger has a heart that's completely full

Of love for kids, and that's no bull.

To work I must go, so let me just say
I wish you love and a Happy Birthday.


A Birthday Twirl

I'm an old cowgirl
from north of the Rio Grande

Sent to sing a birthday twirl

for my beloved neice, not a farmhand!

Ginger's her name

Kids are her game

Geesh I can't keep up!

Just because you're 34. . .
Don't despair, oh no

You gotta keep saddlin' up

Ride that trusty steed

up in the clouds and across the sky
Keeping your dreams always alive!


Mom to Seven

She's a homeschooling mom to seven
Not one of our kids is named Kevin
Gives herbs to our crew

Gave birth at home too

When we're together it's like heaven.


Better Than a Blister

Ginger is my sister
She's got herself a mister

Don't ever fight

Cuz she's always right

But she's better than a blister

Today she's thirty-four

And me she will abhore

For telling you

But it is true

She'll think we've gone to war

Another rumor I will spread

That the hair upon her head

It's all a joke

She's gonna croak

Did you think it was really red?

Her children, there are seven
Most of the time it's heaven

Ebony and ivory are they

And every night they pray

That one day they'll number eleven

One thing I must say
And on this I won't sway

A truer friend there is not

And I love her a lot

For her loved ones she'll never betray.

My story must come to an end

On this I cannot bend

My sister is great

Kyle's lucky to be her mate

And I'm proud to call her my friend!


Spice of Life

Ginger, oh Ginger, the spice of life!
You have lots of kiddos

You are a great wife.

Ginger, oh Ginger, rooted in God

You love your crock-pot

You use the oil of cod

Ginger, oh Ginger, full of fragrance

You teach school to seven,

You study the art of France.

Ginger, oh Ginger, helper of tummies
You love the Lord

and your hubby of hubbies!

Ginger, oh Ginger, a bold, but humble spice
Happy Happy Birthday
Hope you have a great life!


Long Ago in '74

Long ago in '74
A babe named Ginger burst through Heaven's door

Her mom and dad thought she was exquisite

And praised God for her earthly visit!

At four she was really quite shy

Her beauty her fears did belie

But with blue eyes flashing and eyelashes crashing

Her impact was really quite smashing!

At eight our Ginger was blooming

Tho' homework she often ignored

She captivated friends in the rooming
And her classmates she never bored!

At 16 she turned to acting and drama

And starred in school plays unlike her momma

She recited her lines and acted her parts

While everyone admired her talented smarts!

One day God planted Kyle Clark

As through the church classes they crooned

In short time his charm won over her heart
And Ginger was smitten and swooned.

They shared strong desires to have kiddos

And their family grew fast and strong

Now they wriggle and giggle and romp through the meadows

And we find the nine Clarks where they belong.

My Ginger, my Ginger, how blessed we have been
To watch your wisdom and stature abound

God's beauty shines through you as His love is within

And you're anointed with His mighty crown!


Roses are Red

Roses are red
Carnations are pink

If you want Mom's attention

Just send her a link.


Ginger Bread

Ginger's bread is easy to see
It is evident in her family.

Her ingredients are simple and pure,

To make a bread that will endure.

Love to make a heart true,
Goes into each task she must do.
Patience she shows each day,

To guide her children in God's way.

Joy abounds in her face,

Reminding us all of our place.

Peace she gives to one and all

Of her children both big and small.

Her arms remain open at all times,

Be it for a hug or attitude's demise.

Ginger's bread cooks in her home, it's true

Her life a shining example to me and you.


Angels Among Us

Angels are needed so badly in the world
To wipe a tear, hold a hand, or calm a fear

We need people to be willing to go against the grain

To assist and love others with no concern of personal gain

Ginger, you have humbly stepped up to the plate

You have said yes to God and welcomed His fate

The challenge has been large but you have done it with a smile

Keeping your chin up and giving glory to God all the while

You have loved your husband and your babies, both from your womb and from your heart

On your knees with the Lord and His word is where each day you start.

I am amazed when I think of the wonderful testimony you offer
Be being a strong sister in Christ, a wife, and a wonderful mother

If ever I need confirmation of the Lord's love and abundance
I can look to Ginger Clark, an angel God sent to live among us!
Happy Birthday, Ginger! May you know how special you are. . . not just to people that you love,
but the mamas that you've touched in internet world with your Titus 2 wisdom and example.



Wooddells said...

Wow! Such talent. And all your well kept secrets revealed. hehehe

Anonymous said...

Hey, where's my other poem???


Ginger said...

Jamie, you're so mean!

Kyle, I told you to edit it! I told you!

The Herd said...

I know the Bible says brothers were born for adversity, but shouldn't sisters be included? I am one fortunate one that didn't have a sister here on earth, but I am getting to see all sides in having two girls!!

Kyle, I would have voted for yours, but the blister sister got mine!! I didn't even vote for my own!!

Nealy said...

Wow, I didn't know we were surrounded by so much talent! You all had me LOL! Jamie got my vote, but I thought Gary's was great, too!! I loved them all. Ginger, I hope you scrapbook these; they are all KEEPERS!

krista said...

Gary's almost made me was precious! Jamie had me at the title!! That was priceless!!

Pedro was spot on and didn't waste any ink!

Honestly I voted didn't give rules against it that I could find and I couldn't help myself!!! I voted for Jamie and Pedro! Gary gets a HUGE honorable mention. The others were great as well! Too many too choose wonderful!!!

Angela said...

I don't think it counts more then one vote per computer.

Ask me how I know??????

:::hiding under couch:::

Angela LOL

Ginger said...

Funny, Angela! I figured that out too, when I tested it out for myself. Not telling who I voted for. My hand may have been forced by the blackmailing villain I referred to earlier. Any guesses on who that is??

Wooddells said...

I can't imagine anyone blackmailing you, Ginger. Who would do such a thing?

Ginger said...

Gee, Jamie, I just don't know.