Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Kitchen Meme

How much can you learn about someone from their kitchen? My theory is: quite a bit. Take up the challenge of this meme and tell us about yourself through your kitchen.

Our cabinets are painted black and distressed.
-I like to decorate with touches of black and we're home improvement enthusiasts.
Kyle installed the tile counter tops, which I just love and he hates.
-Kyle's a hard worker and he really loves me!

I have a star collection circling the kitchen and an Americana theme.
-I love collections and I love antique shops. Better yet is to collect objects found while antique shopping.
This used to be the theme of Elena's nursery, then it was the theme of the girls' room. I finally decided that since we have 4 girls, we really should have some pink somewhere.
-I like themes and I don't give up easily.

Our kitchen table is also black and distressed.
-I like home improvement projects almost as much as Kyle. (I painted the table.)
-We eat all our meals in the dining room.

Here are the real stars of my kitchen: my precious crock-pots. One I bought for myself, one I found at a thrift shop, and one Kyle gave me this past Christmas.
-I love finding ways to simplify my life.
-I love a good bargain.
-Kyle knows me very well and he really loves me.
(Yes, I really do use all of them.)

My favorite cookbook - a compilation of all my favorite crock-pot recipes.
-I really do love crock-pot cooking, but you get that already.
-I also love scrapbooking, thus the reason I made a cookbook out of a scrapbook.

I took all these pictures right after Pedro finished his Monday chore of cleaning the kitchen.
-I'm a bit of a perfectionist.

What could we learn about you from your kitchen?
Tag, you're it!


Angela said...

Afer seeing yours??? ::: Angela places brown bag over head::: We will see :)

God bless...Angela

Ginger said...

Oh come on! I told you I took the pics right after Pedro cleaned the kitchen! It only looks that good for the first hour after it's been cleaned. The other 6 days and 23 hours, it's plain awful. I'm too vain to take pics then!

Wooddells said...

Oh sheesh! My kitchen must say - we have no money to try to make it look better. We're dreamers. And not good at cleaning up after ourselves. Oh, and I love cookie jars!

The Herd said...

Hey, do you want a fourth crock-pot? I am getting rid of mine before Russia...let me know:) I love your blog!!

MommaofMany said...

I have already shared my fridge and my grain jars...maybe I'll get it together and share the rest of the room!

I love the Americana theme. I haven't a real theme unless you count "lived in". :)

Jeff said...

Oh my goodness, ginger! I think I am going to have to stop associating with you. Tell me the black cabinets and chrome backsplash were not Kyle's idea. ;)

Please tell me why you keep your spice rack in a box.

And only stalkers would keep a picture of me in their kitchen.


Ginger said...

Kyle just gave me the spice rack for my birthday. I still need to organize so I can get it in the cabinet.
That's a picture of KYLE in my kitchen. Quit magnifying my pics.


Wooddells said...

Whos's the stalker here, Jeff? You're starting to concern me.

debhmom3 said...

Horay! Someone else has three crockpots! I'm feeling so justified....:)