Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Deadline is Fast Approaching!

I've gotten some great poems in! Thank you all so much! I'll be posting them on Wednesday afternoon (my birthday), so you all can vote for the best one. If you haven't submitted your poem yet, it's not too late! I would hate for anyone to miss out on the great prize that awaits them. (It really is a great prize, trust me on this!)

I had so much fun with that limerick contest that I've decided to have a poetry contest myself.
Next week is my birthday. With the way the kids are all talking it up, I'm really looking forward to it. All their cute little secrets make me eager for January 30th. How old will I be next week, you ask? Well, I'll be a year older than I am now, thanks so much for asking.
For Elena's first birthday, we had a Dr. Seuss themed party and everyone wrote a poem to commemorate her first year. It was quite a hoot! So, in honor of my birthday, I'd like a poem.

  • Before noon of next Wednesday, Jan. 30th (that'd be my birthday) you may enter one poem into the contest.
  • Your poem may be any style (couplet, free verse, iambic pentameter) so long as it is your own.
  • Submit your poem here. Do not put it in the comments.
  • On January 30th (my birthday), I'll post all the poems for your judgment.
  • The poet with the most votes will win a Starbucks product.


Jeff said...

Did you say Starbucks? Can I enter more than one poem?

Ginger said...

Read the rules again, Mr. It Was Implied. (But there are ways around rules, you know? "Katie" could enter one.)

Angela said...

Coffee.......hmmm....you have my attention! LOL


Anonymous said...

I entered two poems but I don't care about the winnings. I have an endless supply of starbucks.


Ginger said...

I loved both your poems, Kyle, and if you're willing to edit the one to make it G-rated, I'll be happy to post them both. ;)