Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I'm a Poet and Didn't Know It

I've just entered a limerick contest for the Oh My Dad! blog. It has to be a G-rated limerick about your husband, so here's mine about my beloved:

I’m blessed with a man named Kyle

Who leaves dirty socks in a pile

But he’s really good-looking

And he ain’t bad at cooking

So I’ll clean up his mess and smile

Think you can do better? Write a limerick about your man and submit it here.


Jeff said...

Wow! You're good. You made a cool Limerick. You made your own little banner and you got the html right for the mailto: link on your post! Are you a computer Geek? ;)

Ginger said...

No one IRL would ever call me that!! but I'm learning!

Thanks, Jeff.

Anonymous said...

"dirty socks in a pile"????? Why can't I have a great smile or be a classy guy with style?
I would say that rhyming is not your strong suit, but I'll love you anyway and smile.


Ginger said...

Ok, Kyle. For the record, all my blog readers:
Kyle does not leave dirty socks in a pile. In fact, he always dresses with style.It made a cute rhyme, but he's tidy all the time. Even when he's rude, he's my cool dude.

Happy, Kyle??

Anonymous said...

Happy as a lark am I
If I had wings I could fly
but an angel I'm not
I feel so distraught
I'll think I'll go home and cry

WASSUUP!! The Lymrick Master is in the house.


TeamBettendorf said...

Kyle needs a blog.

Wooddells said...

Would you both please let it rest!
You think you are all the best.
But my hubby is super.
He's always a trooper.
Even when he's the subject of jest.


Jeff said...

Oh, come on Jamie, please run!
Now you are not being fun.
No need to get crazy,
'cause you're not Patrick Swayze.
You need to get out in the sun!