Monday, January 21, 2008

iPod Therapy

My name is Ginger Clark and I have ADD. I've recently discovered that my iPod is musical Ritalin. Let me give you an example. Two weeks ago, I took the 6 littles to the Social Security Administration office. Why in the world would I do that you ask? Because in my mind, things should be simpler and take less time than they really do. We were there for three hours. I was applying for Maya, Isaac, and Daniel's social security cards - the last step in making them American citizens (Woo-Hoo!!!)
An hour and a half into this eternal wait, Kyle aka SuperDad, showed up with pencils and paper. That kept the kids occupied for almost an hour! He also took Elena and Chloe with him so they wouldn't have to be bored the whole time too. I figured the triplets should be with me. I was wrong, but better safe than sorry I guess. {{eye roll}}
So, after quietly entertaining four bored kiddos, then driving 20 minutes to Kyle's office to pick up Elena and Chloe, and driving 20 minutes back home again, I walked in the door a bit frazzled. I put my purse down and addressed the troops: "That was a very stressful morning for me and I strongly encourage you all to be quiet and helpful. This would not be a good time to argue. If you are unable to do those things, you will likely see me flip out. Way out!"
I was also hungry, did I mention it's about an hour past lunchtime by now? Hungry Ginger is not a Ginger you ever want to meet, trust me on this. So you can imagine the kind of impression Hungry, Stressed-Out Ginger leaves.
I started making lunches and mentally reminding myself that it would soon be naptime. I was thinking: I need to tune out for awhile. But I figured I should finish what I'm doing first. [Side note: this is a big flaw of mine: not ever wanting to stop what I've started. I'm forever saying, "Sure honey, as soon as I finish this."] But I didn't! This time, I ran upstairs and got my trusty iPod. I looked at my electronic wonder and smiled at it affectionately. Ten minutes after plugging that baby in my ears, all stress was gone and I was good to go again.

I love my iPod and I love reading, probably for the same reason. Both make my brain stop spinning for awhile and focus on just one thing. That is very relaxing for a person with ADD. It's a good thing.


ecrawfor80 said...

An iPod can cure even a stressed out hungry mama??...I'm going to buy one today!!!

TeamBettendorf said...

Love the I will flip out speech. I think I've said something very similar before. I love my iPods...I have several stashed throughout the house. I put it in the iBoom though and blare that baby and sing at the top of my lungs. I'm a horrible singer. It scares the kids into obedience and all is good.


Sara Elizabeth (aka Mama B.) said...

Music is a great stress reliever! This just gives me one more reason why I need to finally get myself an ipod!


Nealy said...

Visions of an old "Don't do drugs" commercial came to mind when the scrambled egg hit the hot skillet: "This is my brain; this is my brain in FLIP OUT stage. Any questions?" I can't wait to see what you're like during menopause! Kyle, you better save yourself and put away all sharp objects. Thanks for the laughs!

Anonymous said...

ipod, oh ipod. Where for art thou ipod. Not sure what that means but I love that ipod!!


Wooddells said...

Music does amazing things for me too. It can cheer me up, motivate me, delight me, and even help me praise the Lord! I couldn't live without it!!