Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Old Friends

These are our very good friends of 16 years, Paul and Amber, with daughter, Hannah. I was friends with Paul and Amber way back when I was in high school and they were only courting. They were witnesses when I ran a jet-ski into a boat, putting a hole in the boat and in my knee. I was a mere 18 at the time. They've still not let me live that one down!

Paul is my Kyle's best buddy. He has helped us on every single remodel we've done on all our homes. We've never known anyone as generous as he. He gives of himself and his time very freely. (That rhymes! Get it? Get it?)
All that said, Paul has a real knack for saying things that are inappropriate. He has a very dry sense of humor and really enjoys the looks he gets when he makes such comments. As long as it makes him laugh, it was well worth it. He's made me blush more than once.
When we celebrated Elena's first birthday with a Dr. Seuss theme, Paul wrote and recited this poem for her:

They think that when you're older
These lyrics you'll enjoy
By then your only interest
Will be some silly boy

I'm not sure what my quota is
How much I have to write
If this is inadequate
Then tell me, Mom just might

This rhyme is for your birthday
So you I will address
I rank children by silence
Therefore you are the best

So, for my own birthday, I put in my request early. Unfortunately, Paul recently became a fancy schmancy attorney and can't seem to make my deadlines. I got this masterpiece by email tonight. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

[Note: Play this quick audio clip first so you understand the lyrics of his intelligent poem]

There was an aging girl we'll call Ms. Ginagin
Like to play with her husbinagin
Opened my mouth and it's the endagin
I ticked off Ms. Ginagin
Begin again

I tried to be nice to old Ms. Ginagin
All played a game right after dinagin
I won and then I rubbeditinagin
I ticked off Ms. Ginagin
Begin again

Went to see K Clark and Ms. Ginagin
Made them giggle like they're tenagin
Made a crude joke around their kinagin
I ticked off Ms. Ginagin
Begin again

Keep going back cause we like Ms. Ginagin
Always laugh when we're with themagin
Be friends til I don't know whenagin
Hope it never is the end
Ms. Ginagin

Thanks, Paul. I really appreciate it! And yes, I've had a very happy birthday indeed!


Amber said...

Well that's MY favorite. Ha! I do love my silly Paul. Happy birthday MuGunGun (Hannah's earliest pronunciation of "Miss Ginger")

Ginger said...

Thank you Amber (or should I say, Hannah!) We enjoy your silly Paul a lot too!

Wooddells said...

Wow! I'm impressed! Glad he missed the deadline, cuz I wouldn't have stood a chance against that! Gosh, Paul, lucky for me you're a busy attorney and I'm just a homeschool mommy.
Very creative. Can't say enough.

krista said...

Does Hallmark have this Paul on retainer?!?!?

Mike said...

Leave it up to a Lawyer!, they always such a great way to put a play on words! ;)
Great poem though! Very creative, and very impressive!

Vicki Miller said...

Awwww! It make me just wanna give him a big hug!

Mark & Jody Robinson said...

I know you'll never believe this, but I sing Michal Finigan ALL THE TIME!!! I didn't know anyone else even knew the song!
And only a minute percentage of the population knows I always wanted to be a Jingle writer. Thus, my longtime affection for Uncle Pauly has just quadrupled! And Happy birthday Ginger!

Ginger said...

Lydia's in my lap and she pointed at the pic of the four of us, laughing. I asked: "Who is that?" and pointed to Paul.
Lydia: "Baba!" (Daddy in Chinese, Hannah's name for her dad.)


Jeff said...

That is very good! :) Paul sounds like a good friend to have...

Happy belated birthday, Ginger!