Thursday, January 31, 2008

Please Pray

These precious kids lost their Daddy to a heart attack on Tuesday. I got to know the Davis family through Acres of Hope. Their youngest two blessings were adopted from Liberia last year.
Please pray for this sweet family as they endure this terrible loss.
Heather has been given a prayer pager that alerts her every time someone is praying for her and the children, and it has really blessed her. If you would like to let her know that you are praying on her behalf, you may call the pager at the following number:


Two trusts have been established for the Davis Family. You may donate to an educational charitable trust in their name by sending checks made out to Central Valley Presbyterian Church to:

The Davis Family Trust
c/o Central Valley Presbyterian Church
P.O. Box 628
Ceres, CA 95307-0628

If you would like to contribute to a non-charitable fund for the expenses of the family, you may write checks made out to Heather Davis and donated to a fund in her name at any US Bank in the country. The account is set up at the US Bank in Turlock, CA.

**UPDATE: A matching grant of $5000 has been offered for the educational charitable trust fund. For every donation that is made, a generous donor will double the amount up to $5000.


Nealy said...

What an unbelievable loss - I am stunned. I will be happy to pray, page, and contribute. Thank you for sharing their story.

MommaofMany said...

I am crying as I read this. I followed Eric's illness but hadn't checked for several days. I am so sad for Heather and the children, but rejoice that Eric is with His Lord and free of pain.

Thanks for posting so we can pray for and page Heather.

Angela said...

This is so horrible. :( I came across their blog yesterday while researching Liberian adoptions. Though I do not know the family, my heart just broke. I am praying....