Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Just the Girls

I remember back when we were planning for Baby #4 (we had triplets instead), I got really emotional watching Little Women. After three girls, we were ready for a boy, but I watched Little Women and thought: I want that! I want four girls! Look how sweet they are together!
I got both wishes. (Psalm 37:4) I have my four girls, and I'm also blessed with three great sons. Because of their stair-stepped ages, the littles are all really close. The sibling relationships are so sweet to observe. I just love watching them interact.
Aunt Debi got these girlie sweaters for them and they just love dressing alike. This morning I heard Maya and Chloe announcing: "It's pink day! Everyone put on your heart sweaters!" They were all four smiling as they got dressed and looked around at each other, all dressed in pink and hearts.


Nealy said...

Thank you, Aunt Debi! Just seeing all those smiles shows you made the best choice!

Heather Cleaver said...

I love to dress all of my girls alike. It is getting really hard since Sierra is 10. I have even found swim suits that match. I love it.

MommaofMany said...

I love it when my girls all dress the same. My eldest is 11, nearly 12, and my youngest girl is 5, so it's hard to get things from the store to match for all of them. I like to sew complimentary skirts and have them all wear white tops with them. It's matchy without being cloned.

Brandi said...

How sweet is that? What a cute pic of them too!

by the way, I also call my 2 little ones (not that my older one is that old at 3 1/2) "the littles" I think it's cute that you do too!