Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Chloe Numb Face

Well, we were at the Dental Depot again this morning. One of Chloe's molars didn't develop enough enamel and formed a cavity shortly after it came in, so she had to have a filling today. She did very well for a kid who can hardly stand the water spray and the suction thingy! She quietly had tears escaping from her eyes (the stretching was making her lips burn), but she never complained. Dr. N said she can't eat anything until the feeling comes back, so on our way home at lunchtime I picked her up a calorie-packed smoothie. She was so happy with her special treatment.
Her cheek is still numb and I was, I'm ashamed to admit, making fun of her to Pedro. I told her to smile for Pedro as he was walking out the door to go to class. He laughed and said, "You can't feel that at all can you?" She proudly says no, then turns to me. Of course, he had to test it. He thumps her on the cheek. She doesn't flinch. He and I busted out laughing, entertained at her expense. Aren't we awful?? Luckily, Chloe understands the Clark sense of humor and she joined in laughing too. You should have heard her hee-hawing when she saw her wonky smile in the mirror!


The Herd said...

I so feel her pain(oh, I mean I guess can't feel it!). I have had many fillings / root canals since having my fourth!

Nealy said...

LOL! Chloe is such a good sport! When I had my first filling at age 6, I chewed my tongue raw. I thought it was so neat that I couldn't feel it that I just kept testing it. I still remember the pain that came later.

Anonymous said...

That poor baby. I feel so sorry for her.

Lee said...

heehee...that's exactly what my smile looked like Ginger! Thanks for the link! :)

Such a weird feeling being frozen...of course I kept thinking - is this what my face would feel like if I had a stroke....morbid!!