Monday, January 14, 2008

Days at the Dental Depot

Maybe you thought that was just a clever title, but it's actually the name of our dentist's office, where we've spent a significant amount of time since the adoption. Our dentist is apparently a big fan of trains, for it's the theme of the whole office. He has a real train car out front, complete with choo-choo sounds, but this is not a pediatric dentist. We've tried our hand at those types, and no thanks! (Beware a dentist who wants to fill a bunch of baby teeth!) Ten cavities between Maya, Isaac, and Daniel magically became a mere 4 cavities by switching dentists. We're very happy with Dr. N.
Today was Maya and Isaac's turn for cleanings. Chloe and Elena had their teeth cleaned last week and Daniel goes in later this week. After that, we'll be set for another 6 months. Whew!
Today, I only had the four kids. I dropped off Elena and Chloe at Kyle's office, so they could get some homework done without distraction. They did their phonics and math at Daddy's office.
Maya did her math this morning while I was getting dressed, so she only took her Pathway reader with her so she could get some reading in while waiting. I'm so impressed with how far she's come from the illiterate beauty she was just 6 months ago.
This and one other train circle through the whole office, even through the bathrooms!
Keeping these two peaceful and more importantly quiet isn't as easy as I attempt to make it appear.
I Spy books are a real lifesaver at the dentist office. If your dentist doesn't have one, bring one with you, trust me! I gotta remember this when I go get the oil changed!


Sara Elizabeth (aka Mama B.) said...

You're such an inspiration to me--whenever I visit your blog, I hope we're able to bring home a little Trio ourselves.


The Herd said...

Can you send me your dentist's name and address via email?
Thanks! We tried the ped. dentist once and that was enough for us too --the bill, with out insurance, was just too high for us to continue just for the convenience.

MommaofMany said...

I have a great dentist... interestingly named Dr. Drilling!

Once, when we were doing foster care, I took our new foster kids to a Medical dentist (as required) to get their teeth cleaned and checked (as required). When they came out, I was horrified to find the dentist had PULLED one child's four front teeth. When I demanded to know why they did that without my approval and permission, and why medically, they explained that the teeth were loose and needed extraction for that reason. Because it was foster medical, they didn't need my approval.

Both of those were, naturally, lies, and I contacted Medical about the fraud and deception, but nothing was ever done, of course. The system is broken!


Ginger said...


Did you ever talk to a lawyer about it? That's ridiculous. Since they're being paid with tax money, they may as well do all the work they possibly can, right?
Don't get me started. Don't even get me started.