Saturday, January 12, 2008

Grandmother of the Year

My mom, affectionately known by my kiddos as Nealy, is so great with her grandkids. Three weeks ago, she took Maya for the day and they did all kinds of fun stuff together. Then, last weekend, she did the same thing with Chloe. Chloe had been counting down the days til her "Saturday with Nealy." She came home with a giant smile, a brownie, and a pair of new ballet shoes. Today is Elena's day with Nealy. All the kids feel loved and valued when they get to go to Nealy's. It's a special treat to spend time with her.
I vividly remember a discussion my mom had with my grandmother, "Granny", when I was little. We would spend days at both grandmas' homes, but one was much more fun. Granny asked my mom, "Why aren't they as excited to come over here, like they are for their Grandma Madge?" My mom answered, "Because their Grandma Madge does lots of fun stuff with them. When they come over here, you tell them to get out of your hair or they'll get a bopping." LOL We did enjoy going to Granny's because we loved her, but the fun of our visits consisted more of time with our cousins than quality time with her.
The reason my kids all love their Nealy is because she views them as a blessing, not a burden. You are a blessing to us all, Nealy! We love you!


greasy joan said...

Ginger, what an awesome photo! What a blessed granny.


Scott and Katy said...

I just love reading your blog... though I rarely have time to comment! I don't know how you do it w/ so many! We just brought home our 3 from AoH. I am barely staying afloat!
New homeschooling mom to a 6 year old and two and a half pre-schoolers!
Loving every minute of it but can't seem to keep a straight house!
Love your mom... reminds me of my mom who is so wonderful w/ our four kiddos too!
Blessings to you,

Ginger said...


Please email me.

Wooddells said...

She is the best, isn't she? Always wanting to spend time with our kids and do special things with them. My heart melts at the smiles on their faces when we announce, "We're going to Nealy's!"

Nealy said...

I really enjoyed reading this again! THANK YOU!!