Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Sous Chefs

What happens when lunchtime collides with dressing-up? Fairies and princesses serve you lunch!
A couple days ago I was feeling really crummy. Too many nights of not getting sufficient sleep end up with me crashing and making up for all the lost sleep in one day. YIKES! Kyle came home from work so I could do just that. He went in to turn in his billing, then came back home around 10am. I went to bed promptly at 10:30am and slept til almost 4:00pm! The next day, I was still a little fluffy-headed, so Elena and Maya decided to be Mommies for the day. Normally they help me make lunch and dinner, but on this day, they did it all themselves. That morning, they had asked what was for lunch (it is not at all unusual for the kids to ask: "What's for dinner?" shortly after and sometimes before breakfast). I had told them we were having spaghetti.
Around 11:ish, Elena and Maya disappeared into the kitchen with all the ingredients needed to make lunch. A few times, Maya popped into the den to ask: "How much water do I put in the pot?," "Do I use the whole box of noodles?," etc. but other than that they were Jr. Mommies.

Here's their final product. They even knew what spices to add for more flavor. It was quite good!
They even made Daniel's special spaghetti. (Daniel's currently on a gluten-free diet, so he gets rice noodles.)
The meal was made much more delicious since I didn't have to lift a finger to make it! Yum-o! Thanks so much girls for a great lunch!


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should spend more time sleeping and less time harassing people on their blogs and you would not have to use your children as slave labor.

Anonymous said...

Oh and that last comment was Jeff. He's so rude.

Jeff said...

That was not me! How come all the Anonymous people want to be wisecracks?

I have never had Lemon Grass in Spaghetti. Is it good?

Did you really paint your cabinets black?

Ginger said...

The lemon grass just happened to be there, from when I made tea earlier. No, I'm pretty sure that would be awful!
Yes, we painted the cabinets black and distressed them. We love it altho it clearly doesn't photo very well. The stainless appliances and tin backsplash brighten it up a lot.
And I have full confidence that the slave labor comment came from Jeff.

Nealy said...

You girls are AMAZING! When are you going to come cook dinner for ME?? Love you tons! Nealy

Anonymous said...

Great job Ginger! You are obviously doing something right if your children under ten already know how to make a meal!!