Thursday, January 24, 2008

THE Best Cooking Site Ever!!!

And no, it's not my own, as much as I hope you get culinary encouragement from my sister site. This is The Pioneer Woman Cooks, the absolute best cooking site I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. The Pioneer Woman gives tons of pictures to help you every step of the way. She cooks like a pioneer woman (go figure) -- real man-pleasing recipes. And she has a killer sense of humor.
You should know that her recipes are Paula Dean-style, so if you're looking for some low-fat foods, this is not the place to find them. But you will not be disappointed, I guarantee!

Here's my fave of hers, in case you're ever in my neighborhood and wanna let me know how much you love me through food. (Did I mention my birthday is next week?) Check it out!


Grateful for Grace said...

Hi, Ginger
I saw your comment on Bettendorf Dad's site and thought I'd pop over here because you mentioned Alton Brown. We just love him!! I love that he's funny, entertaining, and educational at the same time. Just a perfect combo. I'm considering using his stuff after the baby and some during the summer as 'school' for my older kiddos. I'll have to check our Pioneer Woman. I keep hearing about her on the Sonlight forums.
Anyway, I'll keep checking your blog because we seem to have a lot in common (got my dream list of stuff from Vision Forum last Christmas!).
Grateful for Grace

Jeff said...

I am going to tell Pioneer Woman you stole her pictures. ;)

Faith said...

Hm, for some reason it tells me there is an error when I try to get on the site. I'll try again later but may I just say? That pictures looks scrumptious!

Wooddells said...

How come I feel like the "if you love me" comment is aimed at me? Do you honestly think I like giving baked goods as gifts? Seriously!!

Ginger said...

If you don't like giving baked goods as gifts, and don't enjoy making birthday cakes FOR EVERY SINGLE BIRTHDAY THROUGHOUT THE YEAR, then who is the weirdo who's putting a gun to your head, demanding that you bake?
Now I'm really worried about you, sis! You've put on such a brave face. You poor thing.
(I'm still hoping the Baked Goods Villain demands a gift be made for me, tho.) After my birthday, I'll come save you.

Wooddells said...

Thank you so much for you thoughfulness. Anyway, I looked at the site again. And I must say, I couldn't cook from those recipes. Mainly because there is no simple page of instructions. This site seems more geared to people who don't know anything about cooking. I just want a list of ingredients and basic written instructions. Still pretty pictures tho. Makes me want to go make a cobbler. Oops, did I say that?