Saturday, April 28, 2007

School is in Session

Charis Christian Academy has recently doubled in admissions. We now have 2 more students - Isaac Davidson and Maya Beauty Clark. (Where we live, home schools function as private schools, thus the need for a name. Charis is greek for grace.)
Isaac and Maya's first week in school went much better than expected. Isaac learned how to write his letters for the first time on Monday. By Thursday, he was filling pages copying his name over and over. Maya has beautiful handwriting. She did copywork with the Bible verses she is learning for Awanas. We were really surprised to find out how much Bible these kids already know. Both were able to recite John 3:16, Eph. 6:1 (Children obey your parents. . .), and Gen. 1:1 (. . .God created the heavens and the earth.) This week, they both learned who Pablo Picasso was, and were interested to discover the famous painter's daughter was Maya. What a beautiful name!
Everyday, we spend a good portion of our day outside. We play in the backyard or go to the park. The kids have a great time and it's so relaxing for me. I love being in the sunshine. When it rains, we head to McDonald's playground.
Life with six littles is much easier and better than we expected. We figured we'd be hermits for the first several months. That lasted a week. Just went out to dinner with friends tonight. We're getting to know all the "kids eat free" restaurants. HA!

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