Saturday, April 21, 2007

Two Whole Weeks!

We had heard from many adoptive families that the first week was h*#! and I'm not sure we would disagree. That first week was a hard adjustment period. But now, we've made it through 2 weeks and things are really normalizing!
Maya is such a special gift from God. She is motherly, helpful, and tenderhearted ~ a real joy! Isaac has made significant progress in a short time. The whining has ended, altough he wil still pout silently when we tell him he can't have thirds on dinner. (Although he seems to never feel full, his digestive system can't handle that big of a change, so we're being really careful.) After several nights of finding the boys' bedroom light on in the middle of the night, we got Isaac a nightlight. Problem solved. For the most part, he sleeps through the night now.
Daniel is my little sweetie pie. He is bonding so well and we were the most concerned about him initially. He was so confused when the escort handed him to us. He thought she was his new mommy and cried and cried when she kissed him goodbye. Now the confusion has been replaced with security. At least a hundred times a day, he initiates this game where he says: "Mama" and I reply: "Daniel". We go back and forth like this for several minutes, flirting with each other. He just loves calling me Mama. Big smiles from my sweet boy each time I respond to him.
One bonus to this whole adoption has been the change in our marriage. Kyle and I have grown so close and depend on each other more than ever. This has been a very unexpected blessing. Everyday this past week (Kyle's first week back to work), he has left me a note of encouragement on a paper plate. I find it each day when I'm preparing the kids' lunches. He usually gives me a scripture or a prayer to dwell on. Those scriptures have been my strength! We are praying together more than ever. God has been so good to us!


Amy said...

You have a beautiful family! I love seeing how you and Kyle are "loving your neighbor" in such a personal way!
God bless you!

Nealy said...

Ginger and Kyle,

I'm especially blessed to witness your transition into this new big family routine. I admire the way you continually seek wise counsel from others who have already been through the adoption process, and any other place you can find new ideas. We are amazed at your resiliency and you're continually in our prayers.
Love you very much!
Nealy (Ginger's mom)