Thursday, May 17, 2007

What's the Point?

I recently read a magazine article, titled: "Morality is Not the Point." The author said that he had begun an experiment and had been asking all the young kids he knows, "What do you think God wants most from us?" Most kids said, "God wants us to be good," "He wants us to pray a lot," or "God wants us to help people."
All these precious kids got it wrong, according to the author. The reason they were wrong is because so many well-meaning adults communicate that blessings come to us when we are good. (God blesses us because He is good, but that's another story.)
What God wants most from us is our love. He wants us to love Him.
So, after I put the magazine down, I called Elena over to me. I asked her, "What do you think God wants most from you?" She said, "For me to love Him and give Him my heart." I wanted to yell out: "Yahoo!!! I'm doing something right!!" I then called Chloe over and asked her the same thing. She responded with almost the exact same words.
If my house is a mess and my kids look like they're dressed for the circus, but they get the point of our faith, then I'm good.

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