Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Father & Son

Isaac absolutely loves being with Kyle. He helps Kyle mow, cut down branches, take out the trash, and whatever other manly chores there are to be done. Isaac watched Kyle putting one of bunk beds together and then jumped to the other end and started screwing together the nuts and bolts. He was never asked to help; he just loves doing whatever Kyle is doing - and he's quite good at it!
Kyle taught Isaac how to joke around and "You're kidding??" has become a frequented phrase at our house.
We have always wanted to have a son named Isaac. Our Isaac could be no more perfect of a son if he had been born to us. He's such a perfect fit in our family.


Daisy said...

I found your post while browsing through homeschoolblogger's "last 100 posts" and I just want to say the last half an hour or so I've spent reading your blog has blessed me so much. Thank you for sharing your family's beautiful life. What an encouragement! Your joy is contagious!

Wooddells said...

How sweet! I love to see a child who loves to please! And it's precious how much he wants to be just like his Dad.

The Clark Kids said...

I look just like Daddy, don't I??

Love, Isaac