Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Chloe lost her second tooth this morning. She called Daddy and told him that even though it hurt, she didn't cry because she "had self-control". Perhaps we're really making headway in that area. Whew! (It has been a long time coming!)
Daniel's having his dental treatment tomorrow. By noon tomorrow, he'll have a whole new smile! Your prayers welcome.
We're finally getting landscaping in the front yard! It's a miracle. If anyone would like to donate a sprinkler system so we can keep it all alive. . .
Pedro has decided, with much consternation, to take a whopping 3 classes in the fall. So he should be able to graduate sometime before he turns 30. (Of course, he has no intention of moving out before then, so he may as well take his time. Pretty sure that's his thinking.)

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