Thursday, August 2, 2007

Isaac is Healed!

Praise God! After 2 1/2 long days of fever and tummy ache, Isaac is finally better! Since he hasn't been eating, he's gotten really skinny. Seeing him like that reminds me so much of one of the pictures we received while the triplets were still in the orphanage. I hated it. Isaac was so skinny and he just looked hungry. I didn't share the picture with too many people because it made me too sad to look at it. Here it is:

I haven't needed to give any of my kids antibiotics for any illness. (After successfully treating myself for Strep throat with just herbs, I'm now much more confident in herbal remedies.) My kids occasionally get fevers that last a few days and go away, but they haven't had anything more than that in years. (I've got a great cure for ear infections, if you're interested.) Nevertheless, I always start to doubt myself on Day 3. Today was Day 3 and I was really praying for him. Suddenly at lunchtime, he had an appetite. After half a sandwich, his demeanor changed completely. He is acting like himself again!

God is so good. He provides everything we need for health and life!

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Kyle said...

Amen to that! Isaac, I'm so glad you're feeling better. Now we can wrestle again.
I love you.
From Dad