Friday, August 10, 2007

It's Not Always Easy

Today, I found Maya crying at the table. Everyone informed me that she was missing her mother. I picked her up and she would not let go of me. And she would not stop crying. She hung onto me as we walked upstairs to be alone and talk. I prayed for Maya, and together we prayed for her birthmother.
Because of her age, Maya was the closest to her birthmom and has the most memories. She talks about her birthmom a lot, especially when I do her hair.
It's crying days like these that make me wonder what her birthmom did that I don't do, or ways that her birthmom was different or better than me. Then I remind myself that it isn't about me. I need to put away self-centered thinking and focus on my grieving daughter.
Maya wrote a letter to her mom and Elena helped her with the spelling. Elena and Chloe became very compassionate and we all had a very sweet group hug that made me think of "Little Women".
We are so blessed to have this tender-hearted girl in our family. I'm so grateful for the loving sacrifice her birthmother made so that we could enjoy her in our family.


Nana said...

Dearest Ginger,
Thank you for sharing a very tender moment. You are doing everything perfect. Children never forget their birthmom. I suppose, to Maya, it's like a death in the family, only worse because she knows her mother is still living,and her mom has a very difficult life at that. Yet Maya also knows that she may never see her mother again, unless God paves a way.

God puts every tear in a bottle to let us know how much He loves us and what grieves us, grieves Him.

May the One who designed us, loves us,will NEVER leave us give Maya His peace and comfort, and that she will always depend on Him.

I would think, right now, that Maya's mom is having the same feelings. May His peace also surround her, may His eagle's wings protect her, give her sustenance, bountiful food and clothing. May He go before her and pave her way; may she not look to the left or to the right but keep her eyes focused on the Holy One. He is her rear guard. I pray that, one day, there will be a reunion in Maya's lifetime.
In His loving kindness, Amen.

Nealy said...

Maya is such an amazing little girl with a young woman's heart. I never imagined HOW MUCH I could love her - and Isaac and Daniel. Their birth mother was an amazing woman to have taught them so much in such a short time, and to make such a sacrifice to give them a chance at a better life. WHAT LOVE! Her heart must surely be breaking, too. If she could only know HOW MUCH we love her children!!! I can't imagine having to make such a decision and then having to live with it. I just want to adopt her, too! At the very least, I want to find a way to communicate with her. I really feel a huge need, I'm compelled, to meet this self-less woman.

Shannon's prayer - so eloquently written - will be my prayer, too.