Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Isaac's Karate Class

Every Tuesday and Thursday, Isaac has karate class. It's called Karate in the Park and it's a class for homeschoolers. The instructor and his wife are both ex-military and they are fantastic! While Mr. Parrack instructs the kids in Tae Kwon Do, Mrs. Parrack heads up a workout for the moms. She's hard core! It's really tough, but despite the pain, I'm enjoying the challenge.

(He doesn't normally smile during his kicks, but he saw my camera. . .)I love taking pics of Isaac's friend and classmate, Jacob, the son of my good friend, Gretchen. When he's focused, his tongue sticks out. (Every single one of the pics I took were just like this!) This is a trait from my side of the family. He could've been a Gillespie!
When the mommy workout is over, we head to the playground or to the pond to feed the ducks. We always make it back in time to watch Isaac test. He has so many fans!

When we get home, we're all sweaty, so it's bathtime for all. (I only took pics of the cutest ones. Oh my goodness, did I just say that? I meant the littlest.)

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Faith said...

Too cute Ginger, just too cute! Sarah takes karate too but no workout for the moms :( What am I saying I hate excercising anyways! hehehe
Blessings, Faith