Thursday, October 11, 2007

It's Done!

Kyle's first flip house is done! It took 6 weeks to finish and it looks amazing by comparison. Kyle and his good friend and now business partner, Ed, put in new landscaping, painted the exterior, added new cedar columns, and that's just the outside! The new hardwoods, granite countertops and all the new fixtures add so much appeal.
This house was so bad when they bought it (remember the old subfloors that Pedro fell through??) I got anxious just walking through it. Luckily, Kyle's a visionary. I could not have envisioned the beauty that came from the "ashes" of this place. I am so impressed with my handy man! He had some real male bonding with Isaac and Pedro as they helped him with the weekend work. They both look up to their hardworking daddy. They felt so masculine helping him with the demolition. Kyle has thoroughly enjoyed this new hobby and is eager to start on another.


Wooddells said...

OH MY GOSH! That is amazing. I could never have imagined the changes. How exciting! I am so proud of Kyle and Ed!

The Herd said...

Oh my Oh my! I can't believe that is the same house!! That's amazing...I would love to live in that one!! Way to go y'all!

Nealy said...

BEE-YOU-TEE-FUL! Can't wait to see it in person. Looks like the team of experts put all their design skills together with fabulous results!!

Congratulations and best wishes to all!

Scott and Katy said...

Oh my goodness, can they come flip our house???