Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Just Another Day at School

I've recently started doing rotations with the big kids, in order to get school work done more efficiently. I'm all about productivity, you know!

I was working with Maya on phonics, while Chloe played phonics games on Starfall. Isaac and Elena were doing copywork with the scriptures in their AWANAs books. The babies were watching a Noodlebug video.

Lydia and Daniel are sitting on the giant bean bag chair Kyle brought home. I tho't he was crazy, but the kids absolutely LOVE it. So cute when they all pile on it!

Yesterday, I was fighting a cold, so I had the big kids watch a "Rocking Addition" video and called it math for the day. It was so 80s and very dorky, but they don't know how embarassing the 80s really were, and I didn't tell them.

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