Monday, November 26, 2007

Back to Work

Now that the weather's getting colder, Halftime is over and school is back in full swing. This morning we did our Bible study, nature study, poetry, math, and phonics. Then we headed to the library to get a few videos. It rained for the past couple days so we're having video time in lieu of playing outside.
After lunch, the kids had rug time while I read "Understood Betsy" and "Pilgrim's Progress". (The big kids always ask for "just one more" chapter of Pilgrim's Progress, but I like to end with a cliffhanger, so they don't always get their wish! Better to keep them wanting more than to have them beg to stop - that's my theory.)
Back to rug time- I keep special toys for this purpose in our under-stairs closet. To be considered a rug time toy, it has to meet two criteria: it has to be something you can play with alone (although they rarely do!) and something you can play with quietly.

Isaac playing with gears

Daniel and Lydia playing with magnetic dress-up dolls. (LOVE these!)

Chloe was very proud of her doll creation.

When I finish reading a portion of the story, I pick a kid to narrate back to me. Most of them do very well at this when their hands are busy. It's amazing! Chloe does much better narrating through drawing (it's impressive the details she can remember if she draws out the story), so I've learned to make sure she's doing a mindless task on the rug. Otherwise, the whole story is lost on her. Figuring out everyone's learning style has helped me so much. Then I knew what skills I needed to work on with each of them!


mimi said...

and.....the weather will be warmer tomorrow...just you wait and see. Weater in Texas... you gotta love it! winter one day, spring the next. serious school one day and serious play the, dat's my kinda school! luv u, mi

Misty said...

I noticed the gear set that one of your sons was playing with. I have recently seen these on the target website. I was wondering if you all enjoy them and what age range you suggest they are good for? Thanks!

Ginger said...

All my kids love them. So, I guess it's appropriate for ages 2-9. :)