Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It's Lego Day

In general, I am not a fan of toys with lots of pieces. We've never had puzzles for too long or Duplo blocks because the pieces would get scattered, end up under couches, and weren't played with correctly anyway. Now my kids are older. They know how to play with these toys and more importantly, they know how to pick up after themselves.
Today, after putting the babies down for naps, I brought down the bucket of Legos from the top shelf of the game closet. (Now you get how anal I am about these things.) All five of the big kids played on the rug for well over an hour (don't be fooled, Pedro was playing, not helping). They had a blast!

Moral: If you withhold from your kids most of the time, you can rise to World's Greatest Mom status in a single afternoon.


Nealy said...

Ginger, only your immediate family knows what a HUGE step this was for you! I'm amazed you even HAVE any Legos in the house. What's next, syrup on pancakes? Ketchup on french fries? Gasp! :)


Ginger said...

For those of you that are now seriously questioning my normalcy, my mom is being facetious. My kids do have syrup on their pancakes and ketchup on their french fries. I've been allowing condiments for a few years now.


linda pringle said...

My first 3 kids loved and still love Lego (never too old for Lego) and now my next 3 are enjoying them. One thing I have them do is to place an old bedsheet on the floor and dump the Legos on it so that when they are done two people lift up the sheet and pour them back into the Lego container.

Ginger said...

Great idea, Linda! Thanks for sharing!

Doug & Lily Bradley said...

I hide the legos too :) and all other toys with small parts...and I only allow them to be taken down in one room of the house that the babies are not allowed in!