Friday, November 9, 2007

Junior Chefs

Last night, Migas (breakfast burritos) was on the menu and Elena and Chloe made the whole thing, start to finish. I played the part of kitchen supervisor; I was very careful to keep my hands off. It started when Elena asked if she could brown the sausage. Normally this is Isaac's job, but since my nephew Max is here for the day, I wanted Isaac to stay with him. Elena and Chloe were so proud of themselves.

Although all the big kids generally help in the kitchen, they each have at least one special job. Maya is known as "The Onion Lady", Isaac is "The Can Man" and also responsible for browning meat of any kind. Chloe is in charge of eggs, and she's also my spice girl. Elena usually chops the bell peppers and potatoes. They love putting on their aprons and helping out in the kitchen. One day, I didn't announce that it was dinner-making time and just started chopping vegetables. You should have seen their hurt faces. I haven't done that since.

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Shipra said...

jeez, girl! You rock! I RARELY have the boys in the kitchen with me...going to have do this more.