Sunday, November 18, 2007

Just the Girls

Kyle took the boys to a Father/Son Marshmallow Roast with the men from church. So I had a rare evening with just the girlies. We ate popcorn, painted each other's fingernails, and enjoyed kefir smoothies.
Lydia kept peeking over shoulders to see nails being painted. She would look and say, "You look boo-ti-sul!" and "You look so pwetty!"

Chloe more than once declared that she would never forget this night. The girls were talking about all the firsts Maya has to look forward to: Thanksgiving at Uncle Jay's house, Christmas at Aunt Kathryn's house, decorating our tree, walking through the Christmas village in our neighborhood, etc.
At one point Chloe put her arm around Maya, looked her in the eyes and said, "We're never taking you back. You're going to be with us forever!"

Anticipating the popping popcorn. Elena had her eyes closed, sniffing in the buttery goodness. Lydia was shocked to see how it happens.

Not all of us got our fingernails painted.


Nealy said...

What GLORIOUS memories you are creating! And thank you for sharing!

Momma said...

What fun! I love girly days!