Sunday, November 11, 2007


Liddy Bitty has just entered into a really adorable stage. She is very expressive and she's also talking a lot more. The entertaining thing is, she speaks with perfect grammar most of the time. I'll ask: "Are you thirsty, Lydia?" and she'll reply: "Yes, I am thirsty" or she'll say, "Yes, I do" in response to: "Do you need your cup?" I think it's so funny how she always says "yes", never "yea". Isaac and Maya are punished with push-ups anytime they answer "yea" (instead of "yes sir") to their karate instructor. They've decided to carry that rule out at home as well. Perhaps Lydia speaks so properly to avoid a work-out!

This night, like many others, Lydia provided the entertainment during dinner. There's nothing better than getting everyone laughing at you, as far as she's concerned. After dinner, the kids put on some music so we could "Praise the Lord", which to them means dancing around the living room to praise and worship music. Lydia wants to dance too, but she doesn't want to embarrass herself, so she comes to me and asks: "Mama, you hold me up and dance!" This happens on a regular basis. I love my little dance partner.

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Becky said...

You have a beautiful family! And a cute dance partner!