Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Joe Cool showed up in our kitchen this morning and took over the meal preparations. She said her name was Miss Leah Elizabeth and she spoke with a British accent. She explained that she was named after the hotel. How intriguing! I asked her which hotel she was named for; she said "the first one." Impressive! She walked with ladylike poise and grace.
After I thanked her profusely for humbling herself to serve in our kitchen, she explained that she was only showing the servants how to do it properly. She then went to each of her servants and gave them a job. Even the youngest were employed in filling the cooking pots.
When her majesty walked upstairs to change her attire, her loyal help rebelled!

One lone worker remained faithful to the task.

Maya, the ever-loyal Onion Lady


Nealy said...

What an inspiration to her Loyal Subjects! The Elizabeth must be a brand new chain of 7-star hotels, but I must certainly give them a visit very soon! It's good to see the peasants working together in such harmony - puts a song in my heart!

Ginger said...

Apparently, according to the kids: being named after a hotel makes you prestigious and important. So funny the way their minds work!

Tama said...

Oh my gosh, I best not show my Grace this post! I thought it was her in the top photo! I'm sure a celeb well be showing up at my humble palace! Too funny!