Thursday, December 6, 2007

Big Loss

Losing teeth is so exciting around here! Kyle and I get just as pumped about it as the kids. Kyle's been begging Chloe to let him pull her loose tooth and she kept saying it wasn't ready. She was wrong, of course, but we let her take the lead since it's her tooth and all.
When a Clark tooth falls out, the child's guardian angel comes during the night, leaves a sweet note and a bit of cash. Unfortunately, their guardian angels are somewhat inconsistent. They have a habit of being forgetful at times. When Isaac lost a tooth a few weeks ago, he woke with a great disappointment. It was a sad day for all. The next night he received an apology note from his guardian angel along with his monetary treasure. She explained in the note that due to all the Halloween candy, kids were losing teeth right and left so she was very busy. (I'm paraphrasing.)
Hopefully, Chloe's angel will be on-time. We all have our fingers crossed.


Nealy said...

As I recall, Chloe and two more loose teeth! I guess corn-on-the-cob will be out of the question for a while. Congratulations, Chloe, on reaching this milestone in your life.

Love you!!

mimi said...

ginger, from learning the hard way....when teeth are loose it is so important to keep working with them to get them out...they will only get so loose before the other tooth starts coming in and if the other tooth grows while the loose tooth is still "in place" it can cause it to come in crooked...i have one reluctant child when it comes to pulling teeth and now we have a few crooked ones. thankfully i learned the lesson from another mom BEFORE all her teeth came out. looks so adorable! i LOVE that look!

Wooddells said...

Lose that other tooth yet? I waiting for the picture of Chloe with NO front teeth. I hope her gaurdian angel is more reliable than Isaac's too.