Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Christmas Parade Incident

Earlier this month, we joined my sister and her family for a trip downtown for the big Christmas Parade. It was a blast for all the kids and Kyle and I really enjoyed seeing it all through their eyes. Lydia and Daniel were so bug-eyed by the whole thing. They really were in awe at all the floats and giant balloons. Pedro was holding down a balloon for Starbucks, so it was fun waiting to spot him. Of course, in true Pedro style, he ran across the street over to us, screaming wildly, making quite a scene. You had to be there, it was hilarious!

Spiderman made an appearance and that made Isaac and Max's day (my nephew), but Kyle and I enjoyed the Hulk more - he had a plumber's crack when he turned around!
So, here's the incident. I hope you find it as entertaining as we do now:

Shortly after arriving and setting up our seats, I took 3 kids across the street to McD's to go to the bathroom.
L O N G line - we waited over 1/2 an hour!
Anyway, there's a black lady in front of me (her race relates to the story). At one point, she turned around and zeroed in on Isaac. Starts talking to him in a weird, overly friendly grandma type voice. "How are you doing?, Are you having fun today?, What do you think of all this?, And where is your Mother???"
I say: I'm his mother.
"Oh" then she starts touching and looking at his scalp. Inspecting his scalp to make sure I'm taking good care of it.
So I say: "These two (pointing to Elena and Chloe) are mine too, would you like to inspect them too??"
She starts to finger thru their hair like an ape cleaning bugs out of his mate's hair.
I abrubtly say: "Can you please take your hands off my kids."
She informs me that she's a nurse. (I wanted to say: So what!?)
I tell her: "You're not MY nurse; you're not HIS nurse!"
She seems confused and says: "You told me to inspect them."

I said, " I was being SARCASTIC. I didn't really expect you to put your hands all over my kids."

"Oh." and she turns around.



MommaofMany said...

Simply unbelievable. Good for you for putting a quick stop to her inspection! I can't imagine anyone doing that to my children....

On the other hand, I have had Mexican grandmas speak Spanish to my children and get "huffy" when I explain that they are English speaking American children.

Merry Christmas!

dkt said...

Way to go mom!! The audacity of some people!!

Krista F. said...

That is too much!!! Some people just don't get it!!!

It reminds me of something that happened to us when my oldest was in Kindergarten.

You've inspired me to blog about it. To read all about it, visit...

Krista F.

The Herd said...

That is sooo crazy! I don't know what I would have done. You are brave to be so telling what people will do these days! YIKESADOODLE!!