Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Merry Christmas from the Clarks

From the triplets' first week home to their first Christmas in America - we have been blessed beyond measure this year!


Nealy said...

Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.

Praise the Lord Almighty for GREAT things He has done!

I love you all so much!

Wooddells said...

That's awesome!! They have changed so much since they got here. Can't wait to see what will happen next year.

Anonymous said...

You are such an inspiration! My husband is running arund the house trying to figure out how to adopt 2-3 more children!!! :-)

I want my one true media to show up on my blog like yours do I do that???

Beautiful! Just beautiful!!!
Krista France

Erin C. said...

Your family is so beautiful! God has definitely blessed you all.

~Erin- MariMama from