Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My Birthday Wish for Pedro

Pedro turned 20 this past Friday. This one and only baby picture we have of him evokes strong emotions in me, which led to this poem I wrote for him on his birthday:

I wish I could have been there
When you came into the world
I wish I could have cared for you
Met your needs and soothed your fears

I wish I could have been there
To teach you how to talk,
How to crawl, how to walk
To hold your hand and protect you.

I wish I could have been there
As you grew up and changed
To teach you what you needed to know
And all you wanted to hear.

I wish I could have been there
When you were afraid at night
When other children laughed at you
When life was confusing and strange

I wish I could have been there
I would have loved you
I would have cared for you
The way I do now. The way I always will.


delightx6 said...

That is so special. I can tell it came right from the depths of your heart and I would guess that he will cherish for a lifetime!


Nealy said...

All the time that you weren't there, God was taking care of him. God always knew that Pedro would be OURS one day - and we have been so richly blessed by him. He has unique and special gifts. Beautiful poem, Ginger.

We love you Pedro!

Anonymous said...

That made me tear up! What a lovely MOM you are!!!
Krista France