Friday, January 11, 2008

Speaking of Splish, Splash

I scored at the thrift store the other day and found three kids' life jackets for $3 apiece! Perfect for all our trips to the lake! I went looking for a backpack for Chloe, but came home with these and a few books instead. (I never can pass up a good book.) Shortly after we got home, a package arrived: the swimsuit I'd just ordered for Chloe. (I'm telling you, if you want a good deal, buy swimsuits in winter!) So, Chloe put two and two together, ran upstairs and came down proudly displaying her new suit and life jacket. Just seconds before I snapped this picture, she and Daniel were doing the backstroke on the giant beanbag chair. (I'm still not a fan, but the kids love the thing, so I suffer and make a motherly sacrifice.)


Anonymous said...

Do tell....where did you order the swimsuit?!? It's adorable!!


Ginger said...


Click the link in the post. It's a Fishskins suit. I absolutely love them!