Monday, February 25, 2008

Best How-to CM Books

Judy, you asked and you shall receive. Here are the books I recommend as far as how to implement a Charlotte Mason education:


Our Family: said...

AH! Yes! Great choices...I don't know why I haven't put these on my list yet. What about A Charlotte Mason Companion and also For the Children's Sake?


Ginger said...

Those are great as well, but for different reasons IMO.
I would consider A CM Companion to be a good "Here's what I love about a CM education" book.
For the Children's Sake is great for inspiration towards a CM education.
My friend Judy was specifically asked for a simple, concise How To book. The two I named are the best for that purpose IMO. :)

Lisa said...

Ok, so what are the names of the books you are recommending? I don't see what they are!

Ginger said...


The titles are right next to the book images. If you hover your mouse over either, a magnified image will pop up. If you still can't see it, click on it. It will take you straight to Amazon where you can see a full page view of it.
Hope that helps! :)

Lisa said...

There are no book images showing up - very strange. There is just your statement that you are recommending the following books: then it's cut off. I don't know what's happened. I'll have my dh take a look at it.

Ginger said...

Whatever your computer is doing, it's also double and triple posting your comments. ha!
The books are: A Charlotte Mason Education and More Charlotte Mason Education-- both by Catherine Levison.

Lisa said...

Yes, something very weird.


mommy4 said...

WOOOHOO!! Thank you so much for getting this to me. It was great seeing you yesterday.

Ginger said...

You're welcome! :)