Sunday, February 10, 2008

Clark of the Week - Chloe

For this week's installment, we'll be getting to know Chloe Anna, the only true middle child of the Clark household.
Chloe was born at home in August, 2001, after dancing and grooving in the womb for nine months. She has the same energy today. Chloe is loud, funny, dramatic, sensitive, and easily distracted. She receives more discipline than most any other Clark, as she does not learn her lesson easily. Her parents joke that after being punished for the same infraction 67 times, she will finally get it and decide to change.
Chloe is a great friend to have, however; she is loving and very generous with encouraging words. Chloe is always the first to offer a word of praise. She would say that her favorite subject in school is reading, but her least favorite is listening to mom read. Sitting still is not her strong suit, so she keeps her hands busy with handicrafts or coloring when she's required to listen and attend.
Chloe is the perfect middle child. She follows her sisters, but she also loves to be the leader. She takes charge whenever she is placed with younger children. Strong-willed as she is, Chloe is a blessing to her family.

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Nealy said...

Chloe stole my heart from the beginning. Behind those deep pools of magical blue eyes lie mischief, fierce love and affection, a drama queen, an actress and entertainer, and a precious imp! Chloe, you're an angel! Love you tons, Nealy

Bubba said...

How cute! Just being able to find all those pictures is a miracle.
Chloe is truely a blessing to your family and is right up there in the top 8 granddaughters.

Jamie Wooddell said...

Love all those toddler pictures of Chloe. She was such a cute baby! But now she's grown into a beautiful young girl. I love spending time with her even though she and Ainsley fight like sisters!

Shell said...

Oh goodness Ginger, she reminds me of me. Big blue eyes and all. I had to laugh at the comments you made about her. Just like me! You sound just like my mom describing me to a teee! What a pretty little girl. I'll have to sent you a picture to show Chloe me. And I thought I broke the mold. LOL (smile) Give that little doll a hug from me. She sure looks cute!

Ginger said...

Shell, if that's true, then you and I are a lot alike! Chloe is the most like me mentally. She thinks like I do and has the same struggles I had as a child, as a result of being strong-willed. I'm praying that we can channel it into a strength for her. :)

Anonymous said...

what a sweet introduction to Chloe. I esp. love the slide show. The image with her on her bike with Kyle behind her is terrific. Great expressions on them both.