Sunday, February 3, 2008

Clark of the Week - Daniel

For this week's installment, we'll be getting to know Mr. Daniel Corbin, the second youngest of the Clark family. Daniel was born in Liberia, West Africa in April, 2004. Lovingly adopted in April 2007, Daniel is now a true African-American.

Daniel has such a sweet personality. He is laid-back and easy-going. He's quiet and tolerant. He's had to be quite tolerant, unfortunately, as he put up with quite a bit of abuse from his younger sister, Lydia, in the first few months following his arrival in America. Daniel and Lydia now act like twins; they do most everything together and have a special bond as the babies of the family. Daniel idolizes his brother, Isaac. Isaac has been the one constant in his life, through all the painful changes he's had to endure at such a young age. Because of their birth mother's destitute poverty, Isaac and Daniel lived with their grandmother prior to being relinquished to the orphanage. Maya stayed with her aunt prior to the orphanage.
Daniel is passive aggressive when he decides to disobey. He will silently drop his food on the floor if he chooses to be mad about your saying he can't have hot sauce. More than once his parents realized that he wasn't with them when they left someplace fun. Ginger will say it's time to go and everyone starts walking to the van. Daniel doesn't say anything, but he doesn't move either. It can be frustrating, but it's also kinda funny!
Ginger will still say that Daniel is her sweetie though. He always asks permission before doing anything. He will say in a little mousey voice, with his nose scrunched up: "Can I have more cereal?" So cute! He makes it really hard not to love him. Thankfully, the Clarks really do!
The first several pictures of this slide show were taken when Daniel was still in the orphanage. The last of that set was taken the day they left the orphanage to travel home to the US. They were all very sad to leave all their friends that day. Daniel cried bloody murder when he was handed over to Ginger. He was so confused. In the last 10 months, Daniel has gradually gained a lot of security in his new family. He loves and trusts his new Mommy and Daddy. Kyle and Ginger are equally thankful to have him in their family.

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Karen said...

Go Daniel! What a special one you are. Ginger, I love your description of the silent disobedience.
Have a great week, Daniel!

Angela said...

Daniel. . .you are such a sweetie!

God bless.

(Ginger. . .how do you post pictures and slides??? I am soooo bad at this blogging thing! LOL)

Bubba said...

Great story about Daniel. He has such a wonderful smile.


MommaofMany said...

He is such a darling! I am enjoying watching him grow under your family's tender care.

Jamie said...

Daniel is adorable! His smile is pure innocence and love. He has an extremely infectious laugh too. And it amazes me how much he has matured in the last year. When he came home he looked and acted like a two year old (even though he was three) and now he acts his age and looks even older! Amazing what a lot of love and a secure, stable environment will do for a child!

Nealy said...

Each of the "triplets" has his/her own unique gifts. Among Daniel's gifts are joy, playfulness, affection, and a dazzling smile. It's easy to see the progress he's made over the past 10 months and we're so blessed to have him. Daniel, I look forward to spending more time with you!