Friday, February 15, 2008

The Secret's Out!

This is my hairdresser, aka my sister, Jamie. She and I both color our hair. In fact, we're getting together tonight to do just that. We both color our hair with henna - an herb. Go figure. But she has chestnut brown hair and I am decidedly red-headed. (I decided that I should be a redhead.) Since I was a young girl, I've always thought I should have been a redhead. It fits my personality. When I turned 21, I started noticing a few grey hairs here and there. I wasn't too bothered by it until a guy noticed it too. He pointed it out, in fact, the rogue! Well, that's when I started coloring my hair. (I was single at the time, and I told you I'm vain.) Here's the prepackaged henna Jamie and I use:

We buy it at Whole Foods Market, but it's also available at Amazon. After researching all the ill-effects from putting chemicals so close to your brain, we decided to go the natural route, since it was working so well in other areas. Once again, herbs have not let us down. Here's what you'd use if you don't have grey:

Although henna is definitely not going to give us brain cancer, it does have a side effect that you should be aware of: it makes your hair grow! Since I've started using henna, I've noticed that my hair grows an average of 3/4 inch each month. Jamie has noticed the same effect. While Kyle is convinced it's a marketing ploy to get us buying henna more often, we're still both sold on this wonder herb.
So I'm here to debunk whatever myths you may have heard about henna. I hope you agree that I don't look like Bozo the clown. And neither does my beautiful sister.


The Herd said...

You two are hilarious! Herb hair coloring--who knew there was such a thing!!!
About the personality of red heads-they are not all the same:) Married to one and have two kids that are--I have evidence in behaviors that differ.
I'm proud of you two for finding the natural way to color. If you want to color, it's best to find the best:)! You two rock!

Jamie Wooddell said...

Ahhh, you called me beautiful! Thank you!
And I think your red hair is perfect for your skin tone.
I love our henna hair nights. Talk about bonding time! The henna process is obviously longer and more involved than chemical, but it is so fun if you can enjoy it with a friend. And so worth it not to be dumping all those toxins into our bodies!

Jeffrey said...

How do you think I'd look with red hair? I could come down for henna hair night.


Jeff said...

My mom used henna on her hair all the time. She doesn't anymore - I wonder why... I guess she like gray?

Ginger said...

Woo-Hoo! I finally convinced Katie to come for a visit! Who knew it'd be henna that brought her here. Sheesh!

And since you asked, I think you'd look fantastic as a redhead! You're already auburn, right?

At some point, Jeff, I'll have to do the same. There's something silly looking about a 60 year old with no grey hair. Alas, I can't stay vain forever.

~April said...

How often do you have to use the henna to keep it up?

Ginger said...

April, same as hair coloring. For me, that's once a month.