Monday, March 3, 2008

Dancing for Daddy

We had just tidied up the downstairs in preparation for Daddy's return from work, and decided to have some fun. We turned up the music and got down!

We were listening to one of our favorites: TobyMac

Elena dear, I think it's time to pass that shirt onto Chloe.

Chloe was using a sand timer as a mic, while Elena played her air guitar. She's really good! Maya provided some impressive back-up vocals. Isaac stuck with what he does best: groovin'!


Faith said...

I love the pics! One of my favorite things it gettin' down with my kids. But there is one thing missing from the pictures, where's the dancing Mama?

Ginger said...

Kyle and I were both too busy dancing to take pics of each other. We never think of that! The kids are so much cuter!

The Herd said...

Love the fun! Oh, I am getting a new book about what your Dr. doesn't tell you about allergies and asthma...I will keep you posted on what I think and if it's helpful info.

Nealy said...

Spontaneous fun: the best of all!! I've never seen kids who love to entertain and put on shows more than yours. :)

musicmommy3 said...

So great!!

Glad that y'all have so much fun as a family. :)

Jamie Wooddell said...

That's so cute. We, too, love to crank up the music and dance every once in a while. Although, it normally includes cleaning the house!