Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Trip to the Zoo

This morning I woke up late and was immediately reminded by my beeping phone, that today was free zoo day for homeschoolers. I quickly got it in gear, fed everyone, grabbed the camera and headed out the door. (I make it sound like that all happened quickly, don't I? I'm such a creative writer. LOL!)
The buddy system is very important for outings like this.
This is the most action we got out of the sleepy gorillas. So Elena took advantage and gave the big guy a big hug. He was so tame and tolerant.
Oops, I forgot to mention who we were with. My friend, Amber and her daughter, Hannah came with us. Hannah and Chloe stuck pretty close together all day. They're both very impulsive, so I don't know what we were thinking pairing those two together! They look cute and innocent in that picture, don't they?
This guy was really an entertainer! He clapped and waved and held out his hand like a beggar. When we didn't respond like he liked, he threw grass toward us.
Please don't turn me in, but I broke the rules and encouraged the kids to throw dried fruit to the funny chimp. (I wasn't going to get caught doing it myself, you see. If we got caught, I'd turn on my kids in a heartbeat. It was their idea! Their idea, I say!)
He was very appreciative of our criminal generosity. I think he signed "thank you, friend" before we left. The line up. There's seven kids there, right? There should be seven. (I know, because Amber and I spent half our time counting kids.)
Look at my beautiful butterflies! I sure do love those girlies.

Lydia was jumping up and down and squealing: "The penguin swim to me! He swim to me!!"
Elena was more interested in the penguin mating practices. She's all about the romance.
It was a great day at the zoo. The End.


The Herd said...

Ok, I love the way you write! I count my kids and I only have the four of them. Also, how do you find out about free days...not that I am brave enough to go!!! I wish I was ok with using a leash, but I'm not, so I just stay home a lot!! HAHA!
Enjoyed all the pics and the stories, especially the monkey(or gorilla--can't remember) that threw grass when he didn't like some reaction! Funny!
Good night!

MommaofMany said...

How wonderful! Was it very crowded on Free Day for Homeschoolers? Our zoo doesn't do anything like that, but we buy a year-long family membership, since it's cheaper than going twice. We go once in a while. The last time i went, I had my friend's three children, and no other adults. Eleven Lambies and me. It was a long day. I was so thankful to have older children to help, though!

I stopped by tonight to share a link that I thought you would enjoy. Have a good laugh!

Blessings, Ginger!

Amber said...

Hannah keeps asking to look at "pictures of the Clucks". I told her that you'd put some new pics up soon. She'll be so excited to see these when she wakes up! Thanks.

Ginger said...

Karen, I found out about it from a friend. It wasn't too terribly crowded. It was a great day to be there, especially with the beautiful weather!
I overheard a woman saying that she could never put a harness on her out-of-control toddler b/c it seems like child abuse to her. I think, in reality, she just doesn't want to be judged. Harnesses keep children safe. And they make these new adorable ones, that also function as a teddy bear backpack. I saw lots of kids with them at the zoo.
That aside, what have you got against a stroller? ;)

Nealy said...

"It was their idea!" Ginger learned this trick from my mom. Mom and Dad were fishing when the game warden asked Mom to see her fishing license, which she didn't have. Not skipping a beat, she replied, "It's not MY pole! It's HIS!"

Great pictures and storytelling.

The Herd said...

Oh, nothing...Matthew does not want to sit in it anymore---especially at fun places! HA! I don't think they are "wrong"---harnesses, that is...just don't feel confident enough to use one. Do you use one?

Ginger said...

Actually, Karen, I don't have a harness, but I really want one after seeing so many of them. The kids like them because they're cute and it keeps the kid nearby where they are safe. I'm a fan.

The Herd said...

Maybe if I got out more often, I would see them too and have more confidence:)!

Jenni said...

Oh, I can't wait until it is warm enough for that kind of trip here. It is supposed to rain the rest of the week and weekend. Yuck.

I understand about the counting. With our 5 ages 7 and under it is the same, especially in busy places like that. Sometimes I have them all wear a bright yellow t-shirt. My husband and I are always counting 1,2,3,4,5...1,2,3,4,5. Except when the 1 and 2 year old are in the stroller. Than it is 3,4,5...3,4,5. LOL Trust me, we don't look that strange, since whenever we are out the people who see us are busy counting how many of us there are too! Ha!

I have used those harnesses occasionally in the past, especially when I was out in a big crowd with two toddlers at once. All of my children are spaced about 18 months apart in age with one exception. I have no problem using them, it helps me to relax more knowing they are safe, so we all have more fun as a result. You just got me thinking. I should probably find ours since our 1 year old just started walking. Our 2 year old is pretty good at staying close and obeying now, but she is impulsive at times. Not to mention that as I am half-way through this pregnancy I am getting bigger, and not moving quite as fast! LOL

Faith said...

Isn't counting fun? Always and forever counting the kids. The funny thing is, Jonah and I always feel like there is one or two missing. Guess God is preparing our hearts and counting abilities for more blessings? Those were very cute pictures; I wish our zoo did that.

Amber said...

I use a harness and LOVE it. Hannah asks for her bear often. She likes it because it has a backpack. I like it because I know that if I let go of her hand for a second, she won't disappear. We don't have a tug of war thing going on. She stays with me and she and I feel safer because the harness helps us. I especially use it in crowded situations or in airports. She wore it almost constantly in Europe and got lots of compliments. We always get compliments on her bear.

Hannah just saw all the pics and asked to see them over and over. Thanks G.