Monday, March 10, 2008

Unraveling the Mystery of Autism

I loved this book! It reads like a novel, but it's full of so many answers. It truly does unravel the mystery the autism and pervasive developmental disorder, along with explaining how many other problems are caused by diet and toxin overload. I read the book to learn more about autism, one of the areas I specialized in back when I was a Speech-Language Pathologist. Many of the children I worked with had autism, and their population increased exponentially every year. I was intrigued and kept reading because so much of the information was applicable to my own family, although none of us have been diagnosed with autism.


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Anonymous said...

Hmm...I wish I had time to read this book! My cousin was normal and healthy until at one year old, when he received multiple shots. My aunt wanted to come out to Africa to visit and since Jake was only 11 months she thought she should bring him with her. He needed to be "caught up" on his vaccinations, then got all that were required for international travel. As a result he developed autism. But God has used it to really refine my aunt and uncle which has been great to see. Also, Jake is slowly getting better. He is only 6 and they have a lot of hope for him.


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