Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I Just Gotta Know. . .

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The Herd said...

What a cute quiz! I keep visiting other blogs and finding your comments on them. It's kind of funny to see where you go with out trying to find out.

Cactus Flower said...

I chose everything but the last. Also, I like your nutrition/recipe info ;-)

Lee said...

All of the above!! (except the last one, we are not related! Except in the family of God....awww...!! - hold the cheese please!)

Seriously, I love hearing all about your family - it inspires me! My husband and I are starting the process to become foster parents and your adoption journey is so encouraging to me.

Angela said...

All of the above.....except family LOL

Well....that is if we do not get one of our kiddies to marry! :D

I can do Texas every winter!

Originally I was brought here reseaarching adoption specifically from Liberia.


Amy said...

How 'bout an option that says "We've been friends forever and I love keeping up with you and your family!"

Love you,

Ginger said...

Aw, Amy, so nice to know you're still a reader! I miss you! We need to get together again sometime soon!