Sunday, April 6, 2008

One Year Ago Today

One year ago, we met Maya, Isaac, and Daniel for the first time. We waited just outside of customs for over an hour and a half for them. We met several other families who were also waiting for their Liberian-Americans. For awhile I sat down right in the middle of the crowd as I was so tired of standing.
The first one I saw was Maya. She was shy but smiling. She sang and sang and was happy with whatever we gave to occupy her on the plane. (That much hasn't changed. Maya is a very grateful child. But she got over the shyness the very next day. Haven't seen that side of her since!)
Isaac was also very quiet but affectionate. He walked right into my hug and stayed leaning up against me so I'd keep my arms around him. When we got on the plane, we saw Isaac's fearful side. Kyle held him tight as the airplane took off and all I kept thinking was: I wish we could have calmed his fears for the last 24 hours he's spent in an airplane.
Daniel was confused and mad! He screamed when he was handed to me and hung like a 30 lb. sack of potatoes on my side. By the time we were halfway across the airport, my arm went numb. I was so scared I was going to drop him. His fit lasted all of 5 minutes and then he started self-soothing by singing Liberian songs to himself.

This past year has been hard . . . and wonderful!


The Herd said...

Isn't it great how much of a blessing they are and they are more joy to you every day they are with you guys!
Congrats on a year!

Our Family: said...

So cool, Ginger!!! You make this adoption stuff look so easy and you are very inspirational.

Your family pictures look so wonderful and it's wonderful to see how well the family has become a single unit. :)


Angela said...

Happy one year anniversary!

God bless....Angela

Cortney said...

Happy one year!!

heartchild said...

Getting through that first year can be so hard! Congratulations on one year and blessings to you in all of the memories you are making as a whole family.

You have a gorgeous family. (As if you didn't know that already ;-).)