Monday, May 5, 2008

Free Book Up For Grabs

Tales from Shakespeare, by Charles & Mary LambThis is for you, all my Charlotte Mason friends. I'll give this book to the first person who can answer this trivia question:

I will be naming one of our chickens, Phronsie. Why?

Caroline R., I'm counting on you to know this!


Lee said...

Phronsie??? From the Five Little Peppers and How they Grew?

LOVE that story...must read it to my kiddos soon.

Annette said...

We're reading Five Little Peppers and How They Grew right now. Are you naming a chick after Phronsie Pepper?

MommaofMany said...

I know, I know!! I'm not going to post it, though, since I already have that book.

Good luck all!

Cactus Flower said...

Phronsie is the littlest sibling in the Five Little Peppers book :-) btw, my kids loved that book!

The Herd said...

Well, I really don't remember that on your long ago list of names to name your children(some people when they run out of kids to name, they name their pets with the "kid" names), so I really would not know why!--especially since I haven't even heard of that book. I will have to look it up!!!

Rachel Marie said...

So bummed that I missed this one!!! Oh well- guess I have two more books to buy- the Five Little Peppers and that Shakespeare one!

Ginger said...

Quite right, Lee! (And Annette, Cactus Flower, and Rachel Marie!) Email me your address and I'll ship it out tomorrow.

Angela said...

No clue! LOL

Hmmm....can you dumb down the trivia for me? Remember.....I was not homeschooled! LOL

God bless,