Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Last Weekend, Part 2

Last Friday night, we were invited to have dinner at our friends'/neighbors' house. We spent almost the entire time outside in their backyard, the weather was so nice!
The kids played in the treehouse most of the time, and ate their dinner up there too.
Elena's being a servant to her sister, putting her shoes back on for the umpteenth time.
Isn't she sweet?? And she's cute too!
Chloe and Johanne get along great together. They're the same size, although Jo is a year and half younger! Heather & Andrew breed tall babies, while we Clarks make little ones.
Here's the littlest Clark now. I just wanna kiss her! Look at that cute face! That face is so manipulative, though. Don't be fooled! She's charming for her own benefit.

Men at the Grill.
Makes you want to grunt, just looking at them, doesn't it? Andrew, you make mean burger. They were delicious!
Now this was the most entertaining part of the whole visit- the Wii - and not just for the guys. If you've never watched two grown men air boxing with all their might, you've never lived! It is truly the most hilarious thing I've seen in a long time.

See? We've still got a lot of laugh in us. Thanks so much Heather, for a very fun evening! We all had a great time! Our place next time!

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The Herd said...

sounds fun...like your new song list:)