Monday, June 16, 2008

Are You Bold??

The other night, we went out to dinner with our friends/neighbors to Jason's Deli. They have $2 kids' meals, thus the draw.
Jason's Deli has a soft serve ice cream machine, free cones with dinner. (Ok, so maybe that was another draw.) Well that particular night their ice cream machine was broken and we parents were talking about what a disappointment that was for the kids. Then I got an idea!

I went up to the manager and explained: "We've got 10 kids here, who were all counting on an ice cream cone. (I cocked my head to the side and put on my best pathetic look.) Since your machine is broken, can they have a cookie instead?"

Now you have to understand, these cookies are HUGE! We're talking 5" diameter chocolate chunk cookies.

I smiled real big at the guy who I was asking the world of. I may have even batted my eyelashes. (They're worth it, trust me.)

He gave in.

Gave me a double stack of the giant yummy cookies. And since the babies can't possibly
eat a whole one {{snicker, snicker}}, each of the adults got half a cookie too.

I'm Curious: Would you have done the same? Have you? Tell me how your boldness has paid off.


Roehrman said...

My Husband might have He is really bold so I just stand behind him. I am not bold at all. I am a chicken....

The Herd said...

What an AWESOME idea! Of course, if I would have thought of it(and now I will)--I definitely would have done it! Great thinking Ginger!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely! Way to go, Mama. :)

Our Family: said...

Well, all I can say is next time I'm going out on an outting, I'm going to make sure I'm sitting at YOUR table! Ha!


MommaofMany said...

I don't have story to share, but I would have done the same.

We have been given free, unexpected ice cream after dining at restaurants several times. Usually the manager expresses thanks (and unbelief) for how nice the children are and asks if he may treat them. We allow it :) .

Carletta said...

I usually sit at the table feeling slightly embarrassed while my husband goes and asks. I'm always glad he does it, though!

rachel said...

Hey, it never hurts to ask if you do it nicely!
And I DO have a story to tell! My toddler is displaying some signs of attachment issues and I really wanted an Ergo baby carrier to carry her in. But there was no way I could afford to buy one, not even used. So I emailed the company and explained what I need it for and asked very nicely if they would donate one. They replied with an email even nicer then mine and said they would love to do that. And oh yes, they will also be sending the backpack diaper bag and the fanny pack!!!!!!!
They said they would send it out this week so we are eagerly looking forward to receiving it and thanking God! Its a value of at least $155.00.

Ginger said...

Rachel, you win! That is an awesome story!!

Faith said...

"Can't hurt - might help"
That's my motto. I'm pretty comfortable approaching people and asking for things. I have done similar things before. I attribute it to my mom who always sent me to ask people for McDonalds to ask for my free refill, to ask a waitress for something...I really didn't like doing it then but I am thankful for it now. I actually have a friend who NEVER asks for things. She is too shy. She has even eaten the wrong dinner instead of mentioning the mistake. I'm glad I am able to address those situations.