Monday, June 2, 2008

Chain-Smoking Health Nut

The other day, I was waiting in line at the grocery store, and I noticed that the guy in front of me was buying all health food. Organic juice, fruits and veggies, etc. I was impressed. Then as he was about to check out, he asked the cashier for a pack of Marlboros. I stopped myself from laughing out loud. And since I couldn't think of anything tactful to say, I kept my mouth shut. Now, you have to understand that wasn't easy for me.
After the guy was a safe distance away and half of my stuff was already bagged, I said to the cashier, with a big laugh: "What's up with that guy buying all health food and then getting cigarettes?? That doesn't make any sense!" This started a funny conversation between myself and the cashier, which lasted until it was time for me to go.

I'm curious: Do you do that? Do you talk to cashiers or other customers? Give me an example of what your usual check-out experience looks like.


TeamBettendorf said...

I always talk to the cashier. If they look tired I ask if their shift is almost over. I comment on other customers. I talk to other customers. I love it when someone in front of me is buying a bottle of vodka and donuts at 9am. I say "Breakfast of Champions, eh?" I chat over the produce displays.

I think I may need more adult interaction during the day.

The Herd said...

I like the comment of---I think I may need more adult interaction during the day---I love that explanation!! I crave interaction at the stores/planes/church/most places---most people probably don't want to strike up conversations as much as I like to, but oh well!!
I ask the cashiers how they are doing and the same as Katie(I think) above about the shifts...sometimes we get on strange topics--sometimes the cashier is impressed with how much vegetables I have bought--sometimes not! HA!

mommy4 said...

Always, even with a cart load of kids. I used to work in reatail and I loved it when people talked to me, my day went by faster. It makes you human not just another lost face. We even know our cashier at the grocery store by name, and when I don't have the kids she asks about them. In this self-centered world it's nice to see people who take the time even just to say, "How's your day been?"

The whole cigarette thing... it's like me, eating healthy great nutritious food and washing it all down with a coke!! I'm bad I know!!

Kyle said...

Kyle's Store rules:

1. No talking to people (or yourself)
2. No eye contact
3. Use self checkout whenever possible.

Ginger said...

Very funny, honey! Except I think you really do that!


MommaofMany said...

I am also chatty with folks at the store. Usually I'm shopping with my children and the other people start asking questions. I have been able to share the gospel many times due to praising the Lord for and about my children!

There's a cashier at a store I go to often who asks me every time I see her what I use "_____" for (insert a healthy food item). It started with steel cut oats. I've invited her over to try some simple healthy recipes, but she insists she could never "cook like that". She only knows how to open boxes.

musicmommy3 said...

What I find super-comical is that half of the time I'm at Walmart buying produce that the cashier has obviously never eaten. I understand that some of the things are a bit "exotic" for some people but I almost choked one day when the cashier asked me, "what IS this?" and, if I remember correctly, it was a cucumber or a zuchinni. :)
I really about lost it.
I think I covered well though. :):):)

To answer your original question- yes, I talk to people in line or to the checkout people all the time. Mostly though I talk to my kids. "Keep one hand on the cart. Please put the stuff on the conveyer. Keep ONE hand on the cart. No we aren't getting candy or gum. Please put one hand on the cart." heehee

I know there are spelling mistakes in this comment- deal people! It's been a long month. :)

The Herd said...

I am laughing now at the Kyle rules!

Anonymous said...

I do! Although I love using the self-checkout, there are some really wonderful people who work at our Walmart and Sams stores. One older lady...I just knew she was a Christian the first time she opened her mouth! She loves us and we love her, and we pray for one another! Another gal plays "tag" with my 13 yos! They sneak up behind one another and say "you're it!" (No running, though!). I've called Walmart a couple of times to tell the manager what wonderful ladies they are. It makes Walmart almost bearable!


Faith said...

I am 100% Kyle. He's not kidding is he? I'm very shy and have trouble thinking of something to say. If there is some sort of severe weather I might be able to come up with soemthing but other wise it's smile and and nod.

Krista said...

I usually do chat the cashier up!! Sometimes they don't want to chat and if I catch that vibe, I abstain. :-)

Don't knock the smoker...maybe he's trying, really trying. Perhaps, he's making an attempt to offset the horrible effects with all the healthy products. Maybe he's got a plan. Who knows?