Thursday, June 26, 2008

Countdown to Coop

The chicks are 4 weeks old now and we are very eager to get them moved to the coop!
We've turned the heat lamp off now and the roosting box is down to 80 degrees, which is significantly cooler than it is outside. Hope these chickens are tough and can handle the heat!
Jeff, you asked and you shall receive. Here's our coop:
And here's the Chicken Run:

After we put the netting over the vents, we'll move the chicks in. More pics forthcoming.


The Herd said...

Wow you have a real coop!!! I am impressed at the assimilation of country living in the city.

mommy4 said...

WOW!! I like it!

Jeff said...

Cool! I can't wait to see the inside! :)